Exactly what I said today when I called Murray and Cantwell. We need new senators.
I have a very simple two-word demand for any Democratic United States senator who claims to have a conscience and a backbone and who wants their display of conscience and backbone to have a tangible effect: Filibuster Gorsuch.
"To all Democrats: Stop giving Republicans the benefit of the doubt. "

Not going to happen. They want to play with the broken system too. They just want the Republicans collection of white supremacists, Christian Taliban, and corporate stooges to do the breaking so their hands seem clean by comparison. (See: Drone warfare, domestic spying) Your only hope is that they are excluded from the game to such an extent that they decide to form an actual opposition.

What they're more likely to do is wait until President Bannon does what Bush did and turn the word "Republican" into poison for a few election cycles and walk in on the protest vote instead of actually earning it.
To be fair, Mattis was a pretty solid choice. I wouldn't fault any democrat for confirming him - he's smart, experienced, and a career military officer with a lifetime of actual combat experience.

The fact that Trump even put him forward should have had dems jumping for joy simply because he wasn't an inept nazi.
How can they even hold hearings on Gorsuch? There's going to be another president in just four years.
#6 Hopefully within a year the Goober will be gone, the replacement is no better but he might have some common sense.
Bernie is not a Democrat.
@6, 7,

I gotta admit to a very real fear that the boycott/obstruct Gorsuch strategy could backfire in a pretty horrifying manner. The guy's awful, but we block him and that's just gonna embolden the idiots to nominate someone way crazier next time around. And don't think that way crazier doesn't exist, because they're all the fuck over, backward ass rednecks into old school biblical justice and burnings at the stake and shit. And to make matters worse, the 2018 senate projections already look pretty terrible meaning they could be nominating with a filibuster proof majority in the very near future (if I'm not mistaken. I'm not terribly wonky and really hope that I'm mistaken.)

I'm fucking embarrassingly inclined to consider actually just having them vet him as a legitimate candidate and save the firefight for down the road. What a colossal shitshow.
@8, thank you.
Booker has only begun to climb the necessary mountains necessary to gain even a smidgen of credibility, particularly after his recent vote (sickeningly, alongside Murray and Cantwell) against allowing low-cost prescription drugs from Canada.

@9, Joe Lieberman called. He needs you back in the mailroom, pronto.
@5 -- Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Mattis isn't bad at all.

In general I would fight hardest on DeVos, Tillerson, Sessions, Pruitt, and Puzder.

I would make everyone notice that he is hiring a bunch of the same bastards that ruined the economy in the first place (Mnunchun and Ross) but not spend a huge amount of time fighting them. I would certainly vote against those pricks, just so that when the shit hits the fan it is obvious whose fault it is.

Carson is a fucking idiot, but at least he is well known. The scariest person for that job is an efficient, cold blooded asshole that will slowly de-fund everything, or somehow come up with some bullshit privatization scheme (which is what DeVos plans on doing). You have to pick your battles. In some cases you want to do everything you can to stop the train wreck, in other cases you might as well step aside and make sure everyone knows who is the engineer.
@12: Tillerson has already been confirmed.
@8- He holds himself to a higher standard, it's true.

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