That’s the bigliest mystery: The Trumps are all so tasteless, crass, and vulgar. Twitler is always so disheveled that he looks like he cuts his own hair and sleeps in those yuge cheap suits. They live like white trash that just won the Powerball, so it’s truly bizarre that their “brand” is wealth and luxury. Who buys this bullshit in the first place?
I heart Nordstrom's . . . incredibly.
"Its" twice . . . and she nailed both of 'em.
@2, It's not a mystery. Most of America (in my humble opinion) has bad taste too. It's not surprising that (leaving aside all the distasteful political stances and mental illness characteristics) that they'd be excited to see someone who embodies the unwitting compression of high/low culture, as they're probably prone to do themselves.
@5: No, just because a lady buys a diamond cuff from Ivanka, doesn't mean she's a white supremacist.
@8 By your logic anyone that voted republican is a white supremacist. Perhaps you should try being less bigoted ?

Or perhaps Republicans should stop catering to and affiliating with White Supremacists, misogynists, and xenophobes, and thus suffer guilt by association?
@11 why not both? Let's have both.
All democrats are racist, socialist, fascists. Bla bla bla, I hate people because my party tells me so. Weeee it is fun to call nearly half the country racists based on all of my fact less biases. Just trolling the daily hate speech.

What does piss me off is the president that the president gets to enact executive orders. I hated it when Obama did it, and I hate it even more with our current tweeting moron. But we weren't outraged when Obama did it. We should have been. We give a pass to a congress and senate happier to grandstand and parade around than actually do anything positive for our country. Our immigration system is flawed. These stupid arguments (not a Muslim ban by the way. Obama did this too and many democrats defended it. Trump is doing it to more countries. Once again bad when presidents do executive orders) are all a waste of time. Make it easier to become a citizen. FIX IT! We wont have illegals if we have citizens.
@ 10,

When you vote for someone, you're endorsing them and their policies. RepubliKKKans knew full well that Twitler is a psychotic, fascist, sexist, racist, xenophobic rapist, and they enthusiastically voted for him and share his views and authoritarian goals. There is no politically or morally defensible position for voting for him.

If they didn't share Twitler's despicable views, then they could've voted for Gary Johnson (hint: they didn't).
Giuliani confirmed that Trump was specifically trying to figure out how to make it a Muslim ban without actually calling it a Muslim ban. So they went with the Muslim countries that were least impactful to the flow of money and power and influence and most easily argued as big danger zones (to idiots who don't know better at least).
The crucial point here is that Nordstrom has dropped Mama Ivanka’s Homemade Klan Hoods (patent pending) or whatever gross, tacky shit she peddles. Boycotts work!!

No collaboration--no compromises--not ever.
@11 So if i wanted to vote for a democrat that supports local government and gun rights who would that be?

@14 You're bigotry is exposed even before you asked a question. As i'm sure you must realize not all republicans are members of the kkk, so calling members of the GOP "RepubliKKKans" is the equivalent of saying all feminists are lesbians.
@14: The folks whom voted for Johnson, Stein, or others ended up deciding the election for Trump. In addition to that, it included liberals and young people who just out of spite voted for the Donald because of their disillusionment with Hillary (thinking that she would win anyway). So you can fold all that in to.

Treating half the nation as a remaining legacy basket of deplorables will not be helpful for preventing Trump's re-election in 2020.
@16 - It's a really remarkably perfect action ::: Makes his dwindling "base" happy;;; gins up racists in the homeland and inflames xenophobia generally;;; antagonizes actual radical jihadi types, helping their propaganda/recruitment efforts/resolve;;; increases the likelihood of some sort of US-based terror attack (because, as has been noted, there are "nearly infinite" opportunities for some sort of terrorism, a simple 'ban' can't stop them);;; allows them to divide Americans and exacerbate existing divisions.

So it actually makes us less safe, as the likelihood of an attack increases.
The only real way to stop terrorists is to, you know, perhaps, just a thought here, ...not occupy other countries? IDK. Crazy idea, I realize.
Ivanka Trump took a leave from her clothing business after her father was elected. She's no longer involved in it's management. But I suppose she still benefits from its profits if it generates any. With celebrity/vanity clothing lines, profitable life spans of the enterprise can often be very short.

Since I can't afford Trump's clothes, whether or not she's still involved with the business that carries her name, I guess I've been boycotting her line all along and will continue to do so, by golly.
@ 19 Oh, wow... you got me! It's MY BIGOTRY against sexist, egotistical, lying, hypocritcal bigots and fascist shitsnakes that's been the problem the ENTIRE TIME!!

My gawd I'm having a Matrix moment and must desperately rethink my values and life choices.

(rolls eyes)
@20 First off, 3 million more people voted for Clinton than for Trump. Never lose sight of that FACT. The handful of people who voted third party were far less of a determining factor in those states he swung than the cynical Republican conspiracy to purge minority voters from the rolls in those states using faulty criteria, knowing they wouldn't have time or ability to get back on the rolls in time to vote. Not to even mention the targeted "voter ID" laws intended to keep poor and minority voters from voting.

Next election, and the one after that, I don't care how much the Democratic candidates for national office stink. If you don't vote for them, you're supporting a clearly fascist, Christian Dominionist cabal that is going to make your life suck ever worse. There are only two parties that can win national elections. Pick the one that's not intent on fucking you, stealing your rights, and indenturing your dried husk to whoever pays them the most.
@24 There are bigots on both sides; your so hate-filled against the positions someone might have that you're not thinking clearly. Perhaps try googling bigotry and you may learn something

They're out there. Perhaps you should do some research, find out what districts they represent, and then move somewhere your voting preferences would be more effective.
@13: When the leadership of the opposite party says their top priority is to make the president a one-termer, how the hell else is he supposed to act on his mandate, or get anything done at all for that matter, other than using executive orders? This is what the President is forced to do when the opposition party is full of nihilistic obstructionists or outright loons.

I agree with you in principal, but the problem is, the GOP is completely lacking in any of their own.

@26: Not all members of the GOP are KKK members (though some, like Sessions, certainly don't seem to mind them as much as they should), but KKK members are overwhelmingly Republican voters.

Google the facts and decide for yourself which is the party that panders to bigots (there, I even provided you a primer).
Here's to the Bankruptcy of Trumzilla's Evil Empire.
Thank you, Nordstrom family.
Well, Nordstrom still is a pale substitute for
Frederick & Nelson (actually, its more like an overpriced I. Magnin) but I welcome this statement by the Nordstrom family. Credit where credit is due, and all that.
Dear Sydney, (the author of this article) I must say your inferring that Nordstrom's have succumbed to political pressure is as riducles as your lazy copy and paste "click bate / Muslim Ban"" headline, and here's why. Its about basic business demographics. The majority (roughly 80%) of clientele/the people that shop at Nordstrom's makes around $100k annually. This 80% of customers are well educated on issues ranging from buying shoes to top level politics, so they don't make their lifestyle decisions/changes based on such transparent slanted agenda, boring journalism (insert the author of this article Sydney Brownstone @sydbrownstone) or any of these absolute ridicules "boycotting/protests" that have zero substance.

Aaaaand No im not a Nordstroms just a dumb dumb with insomnia that reads trashy high school level newspaper short bus rider journalism articles like this one, that you wrote.

I do have one question for you...crocs or birkenstocks?
The comments on this thread, calling Ivanka a, "White Supremacist", are really quite ridiculous. Not sure if you realize it, but Ivanka and her husband, are practicing Orthodox Jews. Before her father ever ran for president, Ivanka and her husband, were quite active in raising funds for Gay rights and Gay marriage issues. Do you really believe these people are Nazis or White Supremacists? BTW: Trump did not issue an executive order which was a "Muslim Ban", so this is shoddy reporting.

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