I don't know what is, but their portrayal of neo-nazi Jessica Gamble as a victim is disgusting.
Shorter @1: "If a woman does not agree with me, she should be harassed and threatened."
To anyone who is unaware, the big crime #1 and #3 want Ms. Gamble harassed and threatened for is being the head of the UW Student Republicans.

Like all misogynists, they believe women who do not do what they want, or think like they do should be punished for it.
@4: It really is too bad that their rage clouds their reasoning.
@5: Ironic that people who claim to be against fascism want anyone who thinks differently from them to be harassed, threatened, or assaulted.
Let me get this straight. Ms Gamble and her father were doxed and threatened with violence because she invited an asshat to campus to speak to her group and you idiots are saying she's the Nazi?

You fucking clowns play right into his hands. That POS is more popular now than ever - and Trump is president- because of you fuckwits. You made him. You got the other elected.

Own it.

@8 - Interesting how you and a few others (like 'Undead Ayn Rand') accuse people of voting for Trump when such knowledge is impossible. If you omit that quip, you might sound just a tad more rational in trying to make your case.
@8 You have no evidence of Ms Gamble's bigotry nor do you have any that she "threatened violence against those who speak out against Trump." You don't even know if she voted for Trump (though I'll give you that). You're just making shit up because that's what you do.

I did not vote for the orange asshole but many people did. Enough to get him elected. Many of them did so because of the exact kind of assholishness you and other demonstrate here. They voted for him because of the kind of no-thought process involved, knee jerk condemnation of anyone who dares disagree with you. Others voted for him because they saw through the vast array of stupid lying in some parts of the left -the noisiest part- and realized that's all you fuckers have. You offer nothing but hatred and closed mindedness. Of course it seems to me that most voted for him because they themselves are not altogether nice people and are ok with his misogyny, racism and stupidity.

But you and people like you made many Trump voters and you lot - YOU ALONE- are responsible for that Brietbart asshole's popularity. He would be nothing more than a fart in the wind if you ignored his stupid rantings and let him blither to a handful of college Republicans. But you just can't do, it can you? So you shit down your own pants to signal your virtue. Now you -and all the rest of us- get to lie in it for at least the next four years.

It is often said that the Regressive Left (the Cntrl Left) and the Far Right (Alt Right) hate the same people, just for different reasons. Just so, the Alt Right hate poor whites because they are poor. You on the Cntrl Left hate them because they are white. It is this no-thinking hate that gets authoritarian morons like Trump elected and which make sideshow assholes like Milo popular.

@8: "People who threaten others for speech are Nazis. Ms. Gamble should be threatened for her speech."

Are you really too stupid to understand what you are even saying, or do you just not even care if you make sense?
Yes, why can't we militant Leftists be tolerant of the neo-Nazis' psychopathic, sadistic hatred and intolerance???

They just want all of us to be mass-murdered; it's their freedom of speech! Why can't we calmly, politely, and quietly agree to disagree???

It's just another partisan point that'll be covered in a debate after we've been gassed or shot by the RepubliKKKans with their freedom bullets on account of our uppitiness, gayness, and/or fatal lack of whiteness.
She's a neo-nazi because she associates with known white supremacists. Fuck all of you slog nazis. Go have your fascist circlejerk somewhere else.

I rest my case

@14: OK, I will try to do this even slower for you.

If you think threatening people for their speech is bad, what does it make you when you want people threatened for their speech?

Now, you don't have to respond right away. Take a few hours, or days, and really think it over.

In the meantime, find the SLOG article (or any article) that lists all the threats Gamble has made against people. You are so sure it exists, and your very dumb argument hinges on it, it should be very easy to find, right?

Surely you would not be so stringent in demanding evidence of others, yet never offer any yourself? Would you?
I'm not sure how much of a victim she's portrayed as; I'm not sure I would have made the same choices as the writer, but the seemingly "objective" presentation of her perspective doesn't really flatter her, except among those who will fall all over her anyway because she's a Republican.

Consider this passage:
She began to glimpse the uncharted depths of liberal politics. She had never considered transgender people and the battle for more inclusive personal pronouns. Racial politics were practically brand new to her, and much thornier than they had seemed from afar.

Ms. Gamble now saw textures in the political landscape that didn’t exist in Carbonado. She couldn’t pretend to know the answer to everyone’s problems. So she began to drift on the ideological spectrum — not from right to left, but from authoritarian to libertarian. If you don’t understand someone else’s life, she figured, better just to stay out of it.

So essentially, she encountered the University and the best that it offers--people who have backgrounds different from you--and her decision wasn't the intellectually curious one of learning more about them, but the narcissistically lazy one of deciding that since they are different, she'll dismiss them.

She is the victim because she is a Republican, and Republicans always paint themselves as victims. Democrats in office have actually been the targets of murder attempts, but they still meet with constituents. President Obama gave the time of day 80 times over to braindead idiot Joe the Unlicensed Plumber when his aides were probably trying to shuffle him off. But Republicans refuse to meet with their constituents who are concerned about health coverage and get armed guards to escort them.

As for Gamble, what actual threat did she face? It sounds like attention was drawn to her as a public figure, and she claims she thinks she knows who created a flyer with her cell number, but as the police said, it didn't constitute any threat.

Meanwhile, the apologists have nothing to say about the person who was actually shot or about the grad student who is getting actual threats of physical harm.
Theodore is certainly spending a) a lot of time defending people who promote hate speech that is linked to real life acts of discrimination and b) very little time protesting hate speech irrespective of the tactical differences he may have about how to proceed.
@21 then again, what is the likelihood that Theodore be victimized by hate speech? would Theodore feel the same if his family roots pointed to being on the fateful side of history's pogroms?
@21, @22

What, are you kidding? He encounters hate speech from the likes of you and me and all the other sad paranoid sacks here every day.
Speech is never a problem, but blood is.
@21: Imagining things is fun isn't it? Not to get in the way of the conversation you are having with yourself about me, but personally I do not think that people should be threatened or harassed for things that they say. It is a radical point, I know, but it is just something I believe, that's all.

I am not really supporting Gamble or Milo's ideas, simply stating I do not think they should be harassed or threatened for speaking, or for thought crimes. Just the same that people protesting them should not be harassed or threatened for their speech, or for thought crimes.

@26: I just want to let you know that it is flattering how much you think about me and talk about me apropos of nothing, but I don't think about you at all.

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