It seems lame that new parents who work for the city can take up to 12 weeks of paid time off, but employees who need to care for an ill family member can only take up to four weeks off with pay.

People chose to become parents, but none of us has a choice in whether or not a family member becomes so sick that they need someone to help take care of them.

Seems like fairness would dictate parity here and allow for 12 weeks of paid time off in either circumstance.
"We all know the science behind the benefit of paid parental leave."
Science and all.
More impressive would be if she knew the science behind the benefit of stay-at-home moms, and if The Left worked to create a society where women who wanted to be full-time mothers and homemakers had that option.
“It’s kind of heartbreaking to leave a tiny little baby that you feel is helpless at daycare.”
Totally heartbreaking, actually....
Luckily by 12 weeks the little bastards have toughened up and can fend for themselves.
Amen, NoSpin @1.

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