The erased part says "I came in and the officer said", followed by (intact) "I have gang affiliation with gangs..." Pretty fucked up.
Hoooooooly shit
Oi, they want a race war is what
I'm guessing that doctoring a legal document is not legal.
The law enforcement officer who falsified that document is the only person in this case who belongs in prison. For a long, long time.
Ohhh somebody's got some explaining to do. That is not the smoothest evidence-tampering effort I've ever seen.
@6 Just out of curiosity, what is the smoothest evidence-tampering effort you've ever seen?
Someone is spending their Friday morning talking to lots of lawyers and bosses at ICE.

I had a friend in middle school who once received a report card with a D and three F's for his letter graded courses. He changed it to a D+ and three B+'s before presenting it to his rather clueless mother.
If this is "doctored" then these are the dumbest humans to walk the planet. I don't believe anyone is so dumb to try to pull this off. It looks more like, the kid erased his own thing but what he left behind was ambiguous - something I do all the time when I write so it seems like a very reasonable mistake that someone else could make. It then appears that ICE used the technical ambiguity of it to hold him - something that prosecutors do all the time anyhow.

Spoken like somebody who has never seen the business end of our law enforcement apparatus, am I right?
@13 assume whatever you like :)

@12 yes, precisely my point - they're taking advantage of the "technical ambiguity" - but that doesn't amount to doctoring. They're interpreting in a way that that suits their desire the most, just like many here are so excited to call this a nefarious perversion of justice when it's actually just a banal perversion of justice.

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