News Feb 22, 2017 at 4:00 am

Gold Leaf Gives Us a Tour of Their Clean Green Certified Grow Op

The weed farm Nate Gibbs owns is relying on the earth’s natural processes. Lester Black


Interesting because it illustrates an important point: Most commercial marijuana is about as "natural" as a pack of Camels.
Not all @CleanGreenCertified cannabis is expensive. Of the dozen or so farms in the state that are CGC, most are sun grown and offer lower prices. Turns out the biggest factor in pricing is not conventional vs organic growing style like food and produce, but indoor vs outdoor.
Nate Gibbs is fucking cute. I'd buy his weed just for that reason alone.
funny, but the last things you want in compost if you're looking to encourage earthworms are citrus rinds. i guess you'd have to be a garden nerd to even notice that.
What a joke this article is. Just because the producer uses worms for their soil, is it enough to say they are lowering the environmental impact legal marijuana has? Worms are great, but did you look at their electric bill? Do you know what percentage of the power grid indoor grow operations use in the state of Washington? Also, Clean Green is a joke. It costs thousands of dollars for them to "certify" weed as "green" from their privately-owned-for-profit-California company. There are many small, sun-grown farms that can not afford Clean Green, but are growing organically and without any negative impact on the environment. I suggest you do a little more research.

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