White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that he expects states to see “greater enforcement” of the federal law against marijuana use, a move that would be at odds with a growing number of states’ decisions to legalize it. Spicer, taking questions from reporters at the daily briefing, differentiated between the administration’s positions on medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.... Spicer suggested that the administration is opposed to encouraging recreational marijuana use and connected it with the crisis with opioid addiction in some areas.

Instead of going after the pharmaceutical companies that are driving and profiting from the opioid epidemic—and buying members of congress with the profits—the White House and Justice Department are going to dust off the "gateway drug" argument and go after legal recreational marijuana. Legal pot has been linked to fewer opioid prescriptions and didn't cause the heroin epidemic and may help end it, German Lopez writes at Vox.

But the same assholes who insist that millions of illegal immigrants voted for Hillary and that Trump's inauguration day crowds were bigger than Obama's and that Melania doesn't despise Donald aren't going to let reality stop them.