Washington State On a Collision Course With the White House: And it will be a massive crash as the differences and disagreements between this state and that president are so numerous. There is, to begin with, the matter of legalized pot, which the White House wants to re-criminalize for no good reason. Legalized pot has not made our state more violent, more docile, more burdensome to the healthcare system, like guns or cigarettes. The White House's position on legal pot is simply "mean-spirited," to borrow an expression from Washington governor Jay Inslee, who, by the way, has issued an executive order that "prohibits state agencies from inquiring about a person's immigration status, participating in federal immigration raids, or aiding in the creation of a religious registry." This order concerns working-class immigrants. But Washington state is also one of the "top states for high-tech immigration visas." Puget Sound Business Journal points out that Washington businesses filed an astonishing 23,000 applications for H-1B visas in 2016 alone, and Trump and his attorney general want to end this program, which has played a big role in making Bellevue the state's first minority-majority city. The visa is bringing in lots of the kind of people that will not make America great white again—brown people.

Then there is the nationally famous fact that Trump's attempt to ban Muslims from entering the US was checked by Seattle lawyers. And the fact that Nordstrom, which has its corporate headquarters in downtown Seattle, removed from its shelves goods associated with the daughter of the president. And then there is the glaring fact that one of the state's billionaires, Jeff Bezos, owns a newspaper, the Washington Post, that is constantly dropping truth bombs on the administration. This is not the whole list (think only of Seattle's plan to divest billions from Wells Fargo because of DAPL, or Mayor Murray's sanctuary city policy). How will all of this end? Seattle's immigration attorney Tahmina Watson to PSBJ: “Changes are coming... It’s just about how bad it’s going to be.”

What You Will Not Find In Trump's Twitter Feed: Mention of the 51-year-old white man charged with the murder of a brown person in a triple shooting that happened in a Olathe, Kansas bar. It is believed that the brown person, an engineer of Indian decent, was shot and killed because of the color of his skin. Another brown person of Indian descent was also shot in this incident. Both are said to have been attacked with racial slurs and told by the alleged shooter to get out his country. The third person who was shot is said to be a white male who stood up for the brown people. This story did not make national news. Why? Because it wasn't a Muslim shooting white people. Had that been the case, then the whole business would be called an act of terrorism, and be tweeted about by Trump, and on the main pages of all the national papers. Terror in the heartland, would have been the headline. As of now, the incident is barely mentioned on CNN's website. As for the Washington Post, the New York Times and the Seattle Times? Totally nothing. We do indeed live in dangerous times. Brown people can be shot in an act of terror and receive almost no national attention.

Said of The Two Men Wearing Masks Who Were Seen Before Gunfire Erupted at the Busy Shopping Plaza at Jackson and 23rd: “They were, like, prepared... They were ready, they were going to do something, they already knew that something was going to happen.” The police told KIRO that shootings do happen in this city, but usually not at this hour (the middle of the day) and in busy locations.

Trump Kills High-Speed Rail In California: By killing a critical $647 million federal grant that was to help pay for the electrification of a 51-mile line between San Francisco and San Jose. Without the electrification of the line, there can be no fast trains between the cities. Cars made America great, not trains.

Police in Riot Gear Guarding the House of a White LA Cop Who Bullied a 13-Year-Old Boy and Discharged a Gun When Surrounded by Brown and Black Teens: You can see what happened here.