The ACLU is so unpredictable, always has been I suppose.
losing a lot of respect for the aclu lately. no body cameras, the city must sort and save heaps of bum trash, the city must politely ask transients to pretty please not trespass, etc
The "public spaces are all on Facebook already" comment is a canard. Cops enter non-public spaces, what are we doing about that?

We've got a new form of SWATting coming: Swat'N'Dox. Call the cops for a report in your target's home (not naming them personally), file a public records request, and post the footage on YouTube after misleading edits.
I still can't imagine a witness to a serious crime giving a statement to police while being recorded by a police bodycam. Not when the perp's family can get that same video via public disclosure request.
If the cops can turn off the cameras before beating or killing a suspect: exactly how is that protecting us?
Couple of mean looking dykes.

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