Trump Signals That He Wants to Restart the War on Drugs

Right as Washington State Was About to Finally Clean Up the Messy History of Our Cannabis Laws


So much for the GOP's professed "get the federal gubbamint off'n the backs of the states and let them decide these things" stance.
Many Trump voters smoke pot.
They could very easily respect states rights by increasing federal funds for interdiction in the illegal states. Illegal states have been bitching about enforcements costs since the get go.
If the come after Washington directly they will have a court battle on there hands. But money to Idaho and Kansas would avoid that.
@1: Sigh, as I exhale from a puff of deep heavy Indica. Yep. This current GOP anyway.
The Trump War on Drugs has always been about finding excuses to arrest and imprison black and brown people to provide cheap slave labor for privât and public prisons.

Not enough ICE agents to fill the for-profit jails with immigrants
This girl Becky died of a pot overdose.
Maybe the regressives will stop calling people who don't blindly agree with them bigots and then you will start to win elections?

Oh, and writing pieces talking about how a country, who by large margins, voted for a black man two times to be President is suddenly racist has consequences.

Elections have results, but please...take a shit on people who you need to vote for your side in the next elections. That worked really well last November
To the author:

What is wrong with having a cozy relationship with Russia, another global nuclear armed power? I would rather that than the bellicose rhetoric and saber rattling coming from the DP and Deep State. Furthermore, there has been ZERO evidence provided to the public about any Russian hacking of our elections. ZERO. The red scare crap is growing really tiresome.

Gibbs: Let us turn to the role of the media in reporting alleged Russian interference in the US electoral process.
Chomsky: My guess is that most of the world is just collapsing in laughter.…

I am hesitant to "have a cozy relationship" with a proven ruthless dictator (i.e.: Vladimir Putin). We're not talking about former Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Gorbachov here! A totally unhinged rape-minded maniac is now occupying the White House, spewing shit, on Twitter when not at its private resort, and whose idea of governing is randomly signing executive orders like fast food takeout with its poisoned pen.
As for "ZERO evidence of Russian hacking"? Bullshit---it exists, and the Trumpzilla regime should be held criminally accountable. Have you never heard of GOP coverups and willful withholding of information from the public? Does voter suppression ring any bells?
I don't give a shit if people like me are tiring you and fellow Trumpzilla supporters out.
This Administration is the worst in U.S history, and should be fully recalled for its failure to sufficiently govern ALL citizens of the United States and its shameless disdain for we, the people it is supposed to represent.
We need to stop the Trumpzillan conspiracy of propaganda, lies, and hatred.
Viva la Resistance!
"The policies of zero tolerance equip local and federal law-enforcement with increasingly autocratic powers of coercion and surveillance (the right to invade anybody’s privacy, bend the rules of evidence, search barns, stop motorists, inspect bank records, tap phones) and spread the stain of moral pestilence to ever larger numbers of people assumed to be infected with reefer madness—anarchists and cheap Chinese labor at the turn of the twentieth century, known homosexuals and suspected Communists in the 1920s, hippies and anti–Vietnam War protestors in the 1960s; nowadays young black men sentenced to long-term imprisonment for possession of a few grams of short-term disembodiment."
@10, because Hillary lost because Putin hacked voting machines. She definitely didn't lose because she is/was one of the most corrupt career political hacks to ever exist who should never have been on the ballot.

Grind that axe...
The Dems hate Darkies also: it isn't like tRump called Lower-Class Black youth "superpredators" ( or pushed for tougher sentencing for victimless crimes . . . . That happened on the Watch of the Wife of Dan Savage's Object of Worship . . . .)
"Children and Rats" its whats for dinner in liberal heroin-meth-pot internment camps these days! And for dessert: tax revenues on stolen pot.