Seattle has managed to out-cloudy itself this winter.
Seattle has "managed to 'out-cloudy'" itself this winter. VladZymovin/

Seattle Has Been Under the Weather In the Worst Way: A sunny day officially has 30 percent or less observed cloud cover. We have not had one those with mild temperatures since February 13—the only sunny and mild day Seattle has experienced during Trump's already-long presidency. And the last such day before that was the one that saw Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the long and ugly presidential race—November 8. I'm not kidding about this. KOMO has the data. Seattle has been a gloomy place of late.

Our Modern Medici Paul Allen Dropped Some Serious Bank on University of Washington: And in return, UW gave its newly funded school the name Paul G. Allen School for Computer Science & Engineering. The Seattle Times reports that the billionaire donated $40,000,000 to the school. In the world that ought to be, the UW would need not a single penny from any billionaire. It would only require that this class of people pay meaningful taxes.

Sketch of Possible Shooter of Kent Sihk Man Released by Kent Police: The gunman in a shooting that's suspected to be a hate crime is believed to be six feet tall, white, male, and, on the night of the incident, wore a dark hoodie and dark clothing.

King County Executive Dow Constantine Proposes O.1 Percent Sales-Tax Increase For Arts, Science and Culture Programs: He projects that the tiny increase will raise "$469 million over seven years — $67 million per year," reports the Seattle Times. Though increased spending in the arts and sciences will help the poor, extracting taxes from sales/consumption is still very regressive. But what's one supposed to do? This is Hegel's most important lesson: One must work with the world as it is, not the one that ought to be.

Olympian Builds a Wall: To keep homeless people out of her business' doorway. The Olympian, who sells spices, said this to KIRO: "We have hypodermic needles and we have clothing and pee and poop... Some guy came in and hung his clothes up in there yesterday. And I said, 'What are you doing?' And he said, 'My clothes are wet.' And I said, 'So? Take them away.'” Because those who are desperately poor do not, for obvious reasons, live and behave like the rich or the middle class but like those who are desperately poor, they themselves are hated and not what makes them poor. This, sadly, is how the system works.

Charles Mudede Replaces Ryan Gosling in a Dream of La La Land: In this version, which played in his head around 3 a.m., Emma Stone was replaced by a slug. Mudede and the slug had several quirky musical numbers. But the movie in the dream had a very sad ending indeed. After Mudede broke the slug's little heart, the slug shot and killed Mudede.

Foreign Policy Says: "WikiLeaks Has Joined the Trump Administration." I said something similar. I said: "New CIA Leak Reveals that Wikileaks Could Be a Department of the KGB." Because the document dump concerned CIA's hacking tools, and because this dump occurred a few days after Trump accused Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the presidential race, I and Foreign Policy's Max Boot suspect something is up. "The recent entries on [Trump's] Twitter feed..." writes Boot, " contain vicious attacks on, among other things, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the New York Times, and Barack Obama but not a word about WikiLeaks. Did the president not notice that the intelligence community he commands has just suffered a devastating breach of security?" This is very weird because one of the main functions of the CIA is to protect the global business investments of rich people like Trump. This is why the president's silence on this matter and conflicts with the intelligence community are so curious. As for WikiLeaks' role in the presidential election: If the Dems had a stronger, more popular candidate, he or she would have weathered the leaks easily.

This Is Exactly Why Witches Who Cook Children Were Popular Back in the Day: