Wow, what losers, those scrawlers. Can't even get history right!
@1 - yeah, but it's the Jews they care about.
If I can offer anything remotely comforting associated with this crime it's that we can be fairly confident this is the work of one disturbed individual, which anecdotally is how convictions have played out across the US in recent weeks.

I'm not arguing that half the voting country DIDN'T chose a lunatic that's helping to foster this environment, just that things aren't as depressing as they seem as reports of these incidents pile on.

I really can't believe America in 2017 we're dealing with this s**t. Watch "Night Will Fall." Do we really want this to happen in our country? Every single hateful POS who commits a crime like this or any other hate crime in the name of (and because they've been emboldened by) 45 and his insane white supremacist clown posse of an administration needs to be harshly punished. NEVER AGAIN MEANS NEVER AGAIN. #ENOUGH
@5 - I think this is the work of at least one neo-Nazi group in the area.
@1, it didn't target anyone but Jews.

The synagogue took the sheet down because this should be seen; people should know what's happening.
Attention is the goal of every troll. This troll won the jackpot.
Unfortunately, as we get farther away from The Holocaust, the easier it becomes to deny it. My dear Papa Vel-DuRay was at Dachau shortly after the liberation, so we had a witness to the horror of it in the family, but that's increasingly rare.

I do hope they catch whoever did this, and that they throw the book at him. And though I hate to use the phrase, I also hope that this becomes a "teachable moment". When I was in high school, we were required to watch "Night and Fog". Maybe we need an airing of it here.
@8: Don't you get the point @1 is making?

Wake up, my dear.
I wish I could understand why the Far Right has decided the Jewish people are it's main enemy for millennia. It makes no sense to me at all.

Breitbart News calls itself the vanguard of the alt-right, and yet the only non-Jewish senior editor there was Milo. The American Right has included Jewish people from Nathan Podhoretz to Roy Cohn throughout its entire existence as a political movement. A ten minute conversation with any Chassid will reveal attitudes more conservative than the John Birch Society. You'd think with all of this right-wing Jewishness around, the Far Right would openly embrace Jewish people. And yet, if you scratch any non-Jewish right wing politician- or even any non-Jewish right wing non-politician- in America, you will find beneath the surface a seething hatred of Jewish people.

Add to this paradox the strange way the Left has treated Jews and things get even more confusing. When the American political spectrum began taking sides in the Middle East, it is not the land of the kibbutz, where abortion is legal nationwide and universal single payer is the law of the land that was chosen by the Left. Oddly, that country became the mascot of the anti-semitic Right. Instead, the Left has adopted the side which favors beheading gay men and not allowing women to leave the house without a male escort. When Israel first formed, it was created by Leftists. They even asked Albert Einstein to be their first President (he turned them down, as he disliked politics). Now, they've lurched to the Right, even the Far Right, perhaps because nobody on the Left as willing to make room for them at their table. This could have been avoided if the Left had not been so exclusionary.

Even before Israel/Palestine became the cause celebre of every political conversation in America, one of the very first groups target on the other side of the globe by Stalin was the very same population of Jews oppressed by the Tsars he, Lenin and Trotsky had fought so hard to overthrow.

I don't understand why it is that so many people are anti-semitic. It makes no sense to me at all. I cannot grasp why this group of people have been the target of so much abuse by so many for so long.

I'm adding this last sentence just to make a sixth paragraph, as this is the number least pleasing to Catalina. Love ya, babes!
@10 Dachau was the first nazi concentration camp. It opened in 1933 for political prisoners.
Do we know where DNC Co-Chair Keith Ellison was during the time that the crime was committed?

i encourage visiting the uw's seattle civil rights & labor history pages, most especially the segregated seattle content.…

go crazy, explore the whole archive. or, just read the pull-quote below. most especially, take note of the year. proximity to the holocaust made little matter to the powers that were then sand point. and, many of these covenants (although deemed illegal) were formally enforced into the 60's, socially / economically to this day. seattle has as suspect a history as any american city, and a recent history at that. the trickle down theory works no better for liberalism than for the supply-side.

Racial Restrictive Covenants: Enforcing Neighborhood Segregation in Seattle
by Catherine Silva

Richard Ornstein, a Jewish refugee from Austria, contracted to purchase a home for his family in the Sand Point Country Club area of Seattle in late 1952. Unknown to both Ornstein and the seller, the property’s deed contained a neighborhood-wide restrictive covenant barring the sale or rental of the home to non-Whites and people of Jewish descent. In spite of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that deemed racial restrictive covenants unenforceable in 1948, Ornstein’s case reveals that this ruling yielded little power over the application of these restrictions on the individual level. Daniel Boone Allison, Head of the Sand Point Country Club Commission, approached the realtor negotiating the sale and announced: “the community will not have Jews as residents.” Over the next several weeks Allison campaigned to stop the sale by both citing the covenant barring the sale of homes to Jews and by threatening Ornstein with a list of ways intolerant area residents “could” respond to the presence of the Ornstein family in the neighborhood. Despite the willingness on the part of the home seller, despite the support of civil rights activists, and despite the 1948 court ruling, Ornstein eventually became a victim of Allison’s threats and “made it clear that he [had] no intention of moving” into an area that did not accept his presence...

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