However, there is more money for lead paint removal: Politico
Even Twitler thinks that Twitler voters should eat shit and die.
I met a few of those guys wearing 'Official Clam Inspector' hats and I'm pretty sure they are a waste of our tax dollars.
Don't eat clams, they cause horrible diseases. Go vegan for life.
plus human shit too now
@5: Yes, just be careful about the salmonella danger on the bean sprouts that adorn your marinated tofu and kiwi fruit on a toasted bagel.
volunteer organizations can take over this program, and consumers are free to choose the clams they think are not contaminated. I don't see the problem.
Explaining this budget in terms we urban, coastal clam eaters can appreciate.
Just a reminder. How many Obama budgets were approved? How many Democrats voted for an Obama budget in any of his eight years in office? I think less then 10 people in eight years ever recognized a single Obama budget. By the way, Obama is quick to take credit for the budgets that looked nothing like his. Is there a difference in "we have money to do everything!" and "we don't have enough money to do everything". Debt is real.
Trump loves to sue anyone who opposes him. That is the only thing he understands. So we need to speak to him in his own language. Any toxic mess that the Feds are supposed to clean up, if that money goes away? Sue his ass.
Why don't The Tribes pay for the inspectors if their clam fields are threatened?
Someone should ask Elizabeth Warren.
They are her people, after all.
This is just God's judgement for shellfish eaters. Bloody diarrhea is the hellfire of the gut.
@10, Yes "debt is real", but your private household debt is faaar different that government debt.
Here's a useful primer on how Public (govt) vs Private Debt actually works.

Fundamentally, if the US Government "balances" it's accounting, then private debt (YOUR debt) will go up, via increased taxes, mortgages and other similar mechanisms.

All the talk about the "government has to reduce the debt" -- while sounding perfectly reasonable to us little people... because after all, we have to reduce our own debts through savings and frugality -- actually just transfers the debt off the Gov't books, and onto private entities (corporations, citizens).

Because money is debt, you can't have money at all without an equal amount of debt.
Which is to say, if somehow ALL debts were repaid by everyone, there would actually be no money left to circulate.
So with this debt, it matters who "holds" the debt.... and I'd much rather the Government hold the debt than me.
@12 - Because private inspectors don't have the authority to make the cow herders change their poopy ways.

Or are you suggesting we enter some kind of "privatized anarchy" where mercenary private inspectors use mob tactics and violence to force herders to stop cows shitting in waterways?

Or are you suggesting that, ahem, Tribes pay government inspectors to check the clam beds and curtail the cow poop? Isn't that what "taxes" are supposed to do?
@12 - ....maybe we should stop paying taxes if the government is going to stop doing useful things for us, and simply buys more war toys.

If I have to pay --out of pocket-- to do the things that the government used to do (fix roads, clean & distribute water, run fire stations, etc.), then why should I be giving tax-money to the gov't for... what exactly?
@10 - for the first six (yes, SIX) years of the Obama administration congress DID NOT pass a budget - in that 2015 budget that finally passed NO Democrat voted for it (two Republicans voted against it too).

So the answer to your question is; congressional Republicans didn't like the darkie in the white White house so didn't enact any of his proposals even still they couldn't get it done.
@11 SeattleKim: AG Bob Ferguson, the ACLU and I, among others like your thinking.
Let's sue away, win the massive lawsuits and strip Trumpzilla and its ilk of their ill-gotten inherited billions to hit 'em in their saggy pachyballs where it definitely hurts 'em.

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