U.S. Census Bureau

The Seattle area is getting more crowded week by week, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports:

The Seattle area is the ninth fastest-growing metro in the nation, gaining about 1,100 residents per week according to population estimates issued this morning by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The federal agency released July 2016 estimates for 382 metros and 3,142 counties across the nation. The July 2016 population estimate for Seattle was 3,798,902.

Check out the Census Bureau's full report, too.

Here's more from Curbed Seattle:

The Washington State Office of Financial Management estimated Seattle proper’s population as 686,800 in April 2016, compared to 608,660 in 2010—or about 250 people per week. Some have speculated that Seattle may have crossed the 700,000 mark earlier this year.

Between July 2015 and July 2016, according to the census data, King County as a whole was the fourth fastest-growing county in the nation, with 35,714 new people in that year alone.

Well, this might explain why Seattle housing is in such short supply. The smart folks at The Urbanist explained how booming populations affect housing back in February:

Housing supply tends to lag behind housing demand; it could be in the coming years supply finally approaches demand. About 10,000 apartments are set to open in 2017, and more than 12,000 more are slotted for 2018. At the very least, with record-setting apartment growth expected, we have ample reason to expect the population growth trend to continue. Since King County averages 1.8 people per apartment, we could see growth in excess of 20,000 per year continue a bit longer if those expected apartments are filled.