"When"? My you're optimistic.

Since the real power lies in Congress, (unless TrumBannon manages to either make them all fall into line, or somehow neuters them successfully), taking back those houses would seem more important.

But then I've been politically wrong before.

I also personally rankle at "we", because I'm not and never will be a member of the Democratic Party, and since it is demonstrably true that *both* "parties" are the party of the rich, neither represent me. Or, likely, you.


Speak for yourself, asshole, You pricks are part of the reason we're in this fucking mess. There's never going to be a "party of the people". There will never be a pure and noble candidate for you to give your unreserved adulation. Life doesn't fucking work that way. You get a choice between "better" and "worse". That's it. "Better" is never going to be all that great, but "worse" will most definitely suck balls, especially for people a hell of a lot less privileged than you.

All you guys who can't get over the fact that the rich have a lot of influence over the Democrats helped hand the whole government to the actual rich themselves, who don't even need to bribe officials any more. they are the officials, and they run the government for their own profit. Instead of a party that gives rich interests certain limited prerogatives when they can get away with it, you gave us a government that gives the rich everything. Everything.

This childish shit has to stop. The actual lives of actual poor people are dramatically worse because of this bourgeoise protest against the imperfection of the Democrats.
@3 Very well said. I'm going to copy this for later use.

I've been a pretty committed lefty (in the old sense of the word), but I'm not willing to own the immense collateral damage of human and environmental suffering that comes from sabotaging the Democratic party in all cases. The willingness of the Sawant types to ignore the suffering to come with a Trump win, and their sleazy cowardice in not owning up to their acceptance of that suffering or, in the alternative, willingness to admit error, has undoubtedly set back future efforts at alternative party building at the local level. At this point, I'm a Dem, in a similar way to how nominal Socialist Sanders ran, and was allowed to run, in the Democratic Party primary to become the Democratic Party candidate for the presidency.
nothing but virtue signaling, something liberals seem to think constitutes "political action." there's no legal basis for this suit, and it will lose, and at the taxpayers' expense. but hey, we "sent a message!" buh.

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