Patty and Maria may be as sick of gabbing with me on the phone as I am of calling (no, you hang up first!), but at least it worked.

Down with GoSuck!
Good to see Maria after her long absence. I hope she's feeling well - though she does look a little pale.
Thank you Senators Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray and others in the Democratic filibuster. Yaay! Let's get those 10 votes to block GoSuck's lifetime seat as SCOTUS Judge.
@1 Original Andrew: Thank you for calling Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. I have been doing that, too, and fervently second your Down with GoSuck!
@2 - Just because you don't keep yourself informed about someone who isn't a spotlight hog, doesn't mean she hasn't been doing anything.
Thank you Harry Reid for opening Pandora's box and playing the nuclear option. When Ginsberg kicks the bucket later this year it will soon be a 6-3 conservative majority in the court. Love it!!!!!!
It's rather concerning to read that Senator Cantwell doesn't have a problem with the GOP stealing a SC seat from Democrats thereby putting the very legitimacy of the court at stake. As if Americans needed more reasons to distrust institutions.
We must stop being so afraid that the GOP is going to be worse unless we do what they want! That's like being an abused victim! They WILL be worse if we give in now, and HIT HARDER next time!

Forget about them going nuclear, if that is an option they're willing to take, they'll can also do it next time and WHENEVER they're thwarted. And then we'll have two vile creatures that are worse than Scalia on SCOTUS! Think of all the damage they can do for decades! Goodbye Roe v. Wade, Marriage Equality, Title IX, ADA, Voting Rights, Worker's Protection, Non-Discrimination, maybe even Brown v. Board of Education! Hello Muslim ban, internment camps, red-lining, housing covenants,.COAT HANGERS, BABY FARMS, and LET THE GAYS DIE!!

We can stop the damage by voting in Dems to the Senate, not by allowing ourselves to be bullied and blackmailed by people with no conscience, no decency, no compassion, no empathy, totally amoral, greedy, egoistical and psychopathic!
* they can also

Gorsuch isn't better than Scalia. He didn't answer a single question honestly and fully. And unlike Scalia, he's not even a good jurist!

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