First, I don't think the increase is .01%. Second, Ed Murray is a clueless dolt, throwing shit against the wall and hoping something sticks.
Dear Hanauer: The first proposal might have passed but you were such a public ass as usual on your topic du jour (see letter to governor on charter schools a few years back) that you pissed off even your natural allies. Goldy still work for Hanauer? They should have known better.
Also amusing: Constantine pissed off that he wasn't part of the first plan. How's he supposed to look Governor-ish if he can't be part of the newest bestest Homeless Plan. (As opposed to All Home, the last newest bestest plan, which was actually a renaming of the oldest not-bestest plan, but at least it Dow got to get photo ops and press releases out of that one.)

Now that Dow gets to be in the picture with Both!!! Murray and Hanauer, no doubt the new plan will be spectacular. Er, when they have a plan. But hey - they've got the photo!!
Another regressive sales tax. Jesus Fucking Christ.
This was Hanauer's plan to begin with. Then Murray claimed it. Now Murray's pulling the rug from under it. Possibly because he realized if it were on the ballot along with his re-election, he wouldn't get re-elected?

I'd really like to support him because I think he has a good heart and a modicum of intelligence, but I'm beginning to wonder about the latter.
@4: Far less regressive than bleeding property owners again.
Crosscut, ever the superior site, points out a key piece of data Slog decided to leave out, namely one of the reasons for the change. King County is authorized to increase the sales tax 0.1% annually, making this a "use it or lose it" game for the county.

I can't see this passing a vote of the people. Either this is going to be approved by the County Council, or this really is designed to distance Murray's name from the tax to help his reelection.
@7: The Stranger used to do the kind of reporting that we now have to find on Crosscut. Ah, the old days...

Despite his excuses, it's clear that Murray figured out that voters were not going to vote for a blank check, especially not after getting a big ST car tab bill in the mail.
Seattle is a city of dopes, run by criminal dopes, for criminals on dope.
#8, I often lament The Stranger of the 90s, as it would have been apalled at what tries to pass as the same paper today. The only reason I stick around is to try and bring this once respected weekly back to even a mere pale reflection of its previous self. Many would say I do so in vain, but I am well known amongst my friends for charging windmills at a full gallop.
Why does STRU think the WA Supreme Court is going to decide they can just shit an income tax straight out of a unicorn's ass? Are there lawyers involved in this strategerizing?
@6: no, it is exactly more regressive, that's how taxes work. You may prefer a different choice , but that doesn't make it more regressive.

I will say that I hope this being a county thing helps the situation here in Burien, by which I mean the hundreds of residents decrying how homeless people use the library, and just wishing they'd all go away.
This shit would have gone over like pumpkin pie within Seattle city limits, but if you try to impose yet another sales tax increase on the county at large, the voters will surely reject it.

Yes, even in King County.
It really is hilarious how the lack of logic and long-term strategy are so prelevant in political thinking. The picture at the lead of this article is just the beginning. Outside of a few years the city landscape will be beautiful high rise condos and buildings surrounded by a base neighborhood of ramshackle homeless tents, rats, filth and crime. The remedies still have yet to be thought out to their logical conclusions, but since I'm not being paid to answer those questions, I will just sit back and watch the next "jackass episode" of Washingston State politics that has been so prevalent over the last 20+ years. It will be fun waiting to see who cracks first, the political gurus running the show or the tax-paying constituency growing weary of multi-million/billion dollar projects taking them a mere mile down the "road to the future" with nothing more to show for all that money than a ribbon cutting here or there for a pretty light rail station and a train that may or may not actually work.
murray has no idea what he's doing. hires a consultant for 100k? ignores her recommendations...hires a "homeless czar"? he has barely been seen/heard. the city gets millions and millions of dollars yet decides to partner up with sleazy share/wheel, oh, and another 100+ social service organizations....with little specific info on how the money is spent.

@12 - i'm sure normal, everyday folks DO wish the homeless would not sit around the city libraries all day, everyday. I made the mistake of going into the bathroom at the Ballard branch recently. a few dudes taking cowboy showers, no doors on the stalls because junkies, etc. oh yeah, the wonderful neighborhood "urban rest stop" (gotta love these cute names) is like a block away. that doesn't even describe the gauntlet of strung out freaks you need to pass to get in the library. these are adults, not children. no more milk and cookies.

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