>A Reminder That Toxic Masculinity Is Real

what the fuck is anyone supposed to do with labels like this?

Hey, that's TOXIC MASCULINITY! And? Then? You have another way to categorize things and dismiss them instead of discussing them in a nuanced manner?
@1: WTF do you want from the morning news? it's not meant to be an exhaustive discourse or analysis. this was a quick summary of the event, and an opinion that this story is yet another chapter in the ongoing men's war on women. "so? and? then?" are the purview of a larger piece.
"You've got a full plane to Louisville but you want a couple of your employees to get there too, what do you do?"

A. Keep raising the dollar offer for volunteers until you get the open seats.
B. Rent a car or hire a driver for the employees to drive the 4.5 hours from Chicago to Louisville
C. Bring in some thugs to drag an elderly man off your plane if he refuses your pittance of an offer to voluntarily give up his seat

"Wow... C looks like such an appealing offer, and I save maybe a thousand dollars on the spot? What could possibly go wrong???"
@1: I think studies do show that testosterone does indeed ferment up to 30% faster than estrogen.

Yes, they claim it was a computer generated set of picks, but is there actual evidence of this?
I heard (second hand) that it's somewhat random but weighted towards passengers who've paid the lowest fares. They'll boot a coach passenger before a business class passenger.

Only enough lifeboats on the Titanic for first class you know... Those poors in steerage can go down with the ship.
@14: how is that relevant? YOUR white privilege, and worse, is showing.
I thought the current downtown height restrictions were mandated by the FAA. The only unlimited zone is small and already built up relatively well (the Financial District). Will this lead to skyscrapers being torn down to build taller ones?
@16: no. when's the last time a non-structurally deficient tower was deconstructed in america? never, i'm willing to bet.
@GermanSausage, @blip,

Criteria on how airlines select which passengers get bumped from flights:…

Looks like it's not so random after all....
@17, in general I agree. But my question is still relevant. How does the city increase height restrictions in downtown if the limit is imposed by the Fed?
@23, United has lost 700 million dollars already in today's stock drop. It is hard to argue that the bad publicity is cheaper.
@18 yes, their selection of who to eject is not random but it doesn't validate @5's shit-stirring claim that they targeted "an elderly asian man".
@17 Never? Well it depends on how tall a building would have to be to qualify for your claim. Several 30+ story NYC high rises were demolished in the 1960s to make way for new bigger towers. One, the Singer building, was 47 stories tall. It and a nearby 30+ tower was knocked down for (I think) Liberty Plaza around 1968 (I think....I was very young).
So yesterday my friend's son should have turned 22. Last June he was sleeping with his new FWB/girlfriend at a home they shared with a few other people; the girl's ex-boyfriend stopped by to visit with others in the house who were still awake and decided to surprise his ex by climbing in to her bed. When he found my friend's son asleep in "his" spot next to "his" woman, he drew out his pocket knife and stabbed my friend's sleeping youngest child over 20 times in the back, killing him. Toxic masculinity is real.
@27 stirring more shit. It's all you got, bro.
@28 People acting like idiots over an ex isn't a problem that is specific to men.
"More than a third of women in the United States have experienced rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner at some point in their lifetime, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and those rates are higher for women of color and women who are not straight or cisgender."

Let me get this straight. Women who are "not straight" are more likely to have experienced violence from "an intimate partner" than women as a whole? I call bullshit. Women who aren't straight have female partners in greater percentages than women as a whole, and women commit far, far, far less domestic violence than men. I very much doubt that the CDC said this.
@32, I find that highly doubtful. Doubtful enough I am willing to meet back "here" in 30 days to see who eats crow. Are you game?

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