With Donald Trump comes hate: In the immediate aftermath of the presidential election, the Southern Poverty Law Center reported a spike in bias-based crimes and harassment across the country.

Now, nearly four months into the Trump presidency, reports of hate crimes and hate speech continue to raise fears and rattle communities.

Seattle and the greater King County area are no exception. Just days after the election, a Muslim woman studying at the University of Washington was struck in the face with a bottle. In March, a Sikh man in Kent was shot after being told to “Go back to your own country.” Less than a week later, someone vandalized the Temple de Hirsch Sinai in Capitol Hill with the message “HOLOCAU$T I$ FAKE HI$TORY.”

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Prosecutors report that hate crimes have been rising in King County in recent years. But do these incidents speak to a broader trend in America? It’s hard to say. There’s little national data on hate crimes and harassment.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Pro Publica and other news teams and nonprofits on a project called Documenting Hate. The goal is to build an authoritative database of hate crimes and other non-criminal actions motivated by prejudice. But we need your help.

Are you the victim of a hate crime? Did you witness a hate crime? Let us know by filling out the form below. We promise that we won’t pass any of your information on to the police...