If it doesn't come to an ICBM/nuke hitting the states from NK, it could launch a ballistic missle shower upon Seoul, SK. They can launch them from multiple hard to detect area thanks to their underground network of tunnels. They could kill hundreds of thousands of SK's and reduce Seoul to smoldering ruins. A bit Pollyanna from Jenny me thinks.
Or North Korea could use their black market deals to have foreign customs agents look the other way as they load a nuclear bomb on a cargo ship bound the Port of Seattle.

Military assets in the region:
-Bangor Nuclear Sub base, also the current storage location for ~1/3rd of the US's nuclear arsenal - with some 2,000 to 3,000 warheads.
-Joint Base Lewis McCord, one of the few "super bases" in the United States
-Whidbey Naval Air Station
-Everett Naval Base
-Bellingham Naval Shipyard
-Indian Island Naval reservation
-Sector Puget Sound Coast Guard HQ, and the US's entire icebreaker fleet.

Economic assets close to the blast radius:
-Boeing facilities
-Microsoft HQ
-Amazon HQ
-Holland America HQ
-Starbucks HQ

Simply put, outside of maybe NYC or the District of Columbia, there isn't a more risky area to live in terms of being a major military and economic target.
Holland America? We can't allow them to destroy our cruise line capabilities!
Seattle is not worthy of an expensive missile strike as their leaders will destroy it by themselves.
It's definitely Bremerton/Bangor that is ground zero, and more likely to go after Everett than JBLM so I'm not feeling toooo worried here in South Sound yet...
Seattle ought to put a bounty on Coulter.
anchorage and honolulu are much closer to pyongyang than seattle is. come on, guys. look at a map.
Korea is a distraction from investigations and massive domestic deregulations. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is already a deal cooked with Russia and China to force the North to back down a bit. It will cast Trump as a strong leader, one that can dismantle NATO in a year or two per Russia’s district “request.”
disc- reet
People who think Seattle is failing are hilarious. Enjoy your coal boom (or whatever it is you're calling that).

When a foreign country has an unstable leader pushing the country to the brink of destruction, outsiders always cross their fingers hoping there's a sane general or minister who will do the decent thing and 'do something' about the crazy fucker for the common good. That's what we always say. Remember when we said that about Saddam and Gaddafi and so on? That's a thing everybody usually says when a country has a violent unstable leader who is a menace to everyone.
I suspect target numero uno for North Korea would be South Korea, the thorn digging in its side.

I also think Seattle overestimates itself as well as its importance in the eyes of North Korea and to the world. Would the world really miss Amazon? I kinda doubt it. It would be inconvenienced for a day or two and then Alibaba would pick up all the slack. Boeing's operations here are focused on commercial planes so Airbus would become the world's primary supplier of these. As for military bases, the US has closer ones in Asia easier to hit.

Relax Seattle, you only matter as much as you think you do in your own eyes.
Why would they attempt anything at that distance? They would be detected and shot down shortly after they were launched. South Korea is the only target close enough for them to get away with anything.
Aside from y'all capitulating to fear, and/or puffery, who cares what Ann Coulter thinks or says?
Betteridge's law of headlines is proven right yet again.
What have you got against hound dogs?

With his limited number of nukes, smartest thing for him to do would be to take out Hoover Dam. That would screw the entire SW, including LA, Phoenix, and Vegas, plus lots of So Cal agriculture. Don't really think N Korea can nuke anyone, but Seoul is in big trouble just from conventional artillery and rockets. I'm planting a big garden in any event. Trump will find a way to jack up food prices.
While predicting the actions of people who are basically insane is always a crapshoot, everyone making decisions in North Korea knows the fact that any attack on the United States would lead to North Korea becoming a sea of fire in about 24 hours. It would be laughably suicidal in every way, and even if by some miracle the US did not launch a massive retaliation, NK would have lost any prospect of future aid, which is the only thing keeping this decaying regime afloat.

Of course, all of this assume that NK will successfully build a rocket system which can deliver a payload across an ocean, something they are not even close to doing, but are making progress.
North Korea's intent here is to have a deterrent similar to what the US and USSR had during the Cold War. If we think they can hit Seattle or anywhere in the US, we'd be less likely to bomb them, or at least that's the calculus. That leaves North Korea more flexibility in invading South Korea when shit gets really desperate.
We have some anti missile capabilities, but they're not 100%. I wouldn't count on them to be enough to call North Korea's bluff.
Honolulu is much closer than Seattle
They can hit the Hawiian Islands and Guam. However, yesterday 5-17-17 I heard on the news something about Seattle has a law about having anything to shot down any bombs headed our way. Have you heard that on any news or know anything about that? I heard they were trying to change that.

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