Three men accuse Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing them as teenagers. The mayor denies the allegations.
Three men accuse Mayor Ed Murray of sexually abusing them as teenagers. The mayor denies the allegations. Kelly O

The morning after local media first reported the full name of the man suing Mayor Ed Murray for alleged sexual abuse, Murray released a statement claiming the man's name "is not familiar to me."

"I can state categorically that I have never had a sexual relationship with this individual, Delvonn Heckard, of any kind or at any time," Murray says in the statement.

Delvonn Heckard, previously known only as D.H., has filed a civil lawsuit against Murray, alleging Murray raped him and paid him for sex while Heckard was a teenager and Murray was in his 30s. In the suit, he identifies details including the location and layout of Murray's old apartment. He also says the mayor had a distinctive mole on his scrotum, which Murray has denied. Two other men have made similar accusations but are not involved in the suit. Murray has admitted to knowing one of those men, but denies sexual abuse.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, Heckard said he wants to see Murray "face to face."

"I want to see his reaction," Heckard told the Times. "He can only deny it for so long. He can’t just keep on lying forever."

In audio of another interview, he tells the Times, "I'm not sitting here wasting these people's time and wasting my time. I'm trying to heal."

Murray denies knowing Heckard. "Is it possible I met this person before? Sure, it is possible," Murray said in the statement. "I have encountered thousands of people during my decades of public service. I cannot say for certain that I never encountered this person at some point 30 years ago, a time when I was very publicly and civically active. But Delvonn Heckard is not someone I knew."

In an amended complaint filed in King County Superior Court today, Heckard's attorney Lincoln Beauregard took issue with accusations from Murray and his representatives that Heckard's case is politically motivated:

D.H. is an openly gay man with no real political inclinations. Prior to filing this lawsuit, D.H. visited with other lawyers within the local legal community (who could/would not pursue the case) before retaining the Connelly Law Offices upon the invitation of his original lawyer, Lawand Anderson. D.H. is not a pawn in any conspiracy, as alleged by Mr. Murray and his hit team. However, D.H.’s claims are politically motivated in that he does not think a man who abuses children, and then lies about it in office, should be in high office without the public being afforded full information.

Beauregard has asked to depose Murray early next month.