yeah. time to go.
Resign, Ed. Do it today. This afternoon. A sunny Friday when people are otherwise occupied. Try to bury it. And just go away.
@2, here's hoping he doesn't get to bury it. May it see the starkest, sunny Monday afternoon light.
Seattle should not support asexual predator. Resign.
Since the mayor categorically says that these allegations are not true; the public (in trying to give the mayor the benefit of the doubt) has to do mental contortions to think that these accusers would put themselves into the glare of the media, follow a script to play as if you are an accomplished actor, all for what - for an elaborate extortion scheme to get some big cash? Most people wouldn't have the nerve to go through all that.

People, going through such trauma, don't make up stories to "cash in" as it's really traumatizing being in their shoes in the first place.

Yes, Mayor Murray, please resign and retain whatever dignity you might still have.
Has he been in contact with the lawyer representing DH?
It's all a conspiracy from the Hetrosexual Mafia!
@ 5:
Seattle should not support asexual predator. Resign.
That's the problem: Murray was not "asexual", he liked to get it on with cute young street boys.
Heekin also said that, in the 2007 interview, the paralegal states that Anderson remembers Jeff Simpson telling him about abuse that started after Murray had become Simpson’s caretaker. But, Heekin added, Simpson alleges the abuse started when he was 13, before Murray became Simpson’s caretaker—so this, she said, is another inconsistency.
Yes, because I remember EVERYTHING totally accuratly from when I was 13. Jesus...
Holy fucking hell, my comment regarding the preying upon society's vulnerable was deleted? Ed Murray has veto power over TS comments, now?? Despicable.
@12 - No, you just need to be more careful with your hyperbole. You can still make the same arguments.
"Careful" speech. Well that's frighteningly fascist.
What even does Murray want me to believe? He knew these kids, didn't do anything wrong, but they're "emotionally troubled youth" so they attack important figures in their lives?

I'm having a lot of trouble buying that. It's been a lot of years, Anderson's not young anymore, not the same person he was. If he *was* making up an attack back then, there's not much in it for him now except pain, he could have just left it and lived his life and been happier. Sure looks like they've been telling the truth.
@14: oh grow up. just don't be a hateful ass and you can still troll all the liberals. you're not banned.
@15: I think Murray wants you to believe that this is a conspiracy orchestrated by the Trump administration to punish Seattle for being a sanctuary city. Seems totally plausible, right?
@16, I just said it sounds like he preyed upon kids who he viewed as "throwaways" and "dregs" -
kids who nobody cared about and whom nobody would believe even later in life. Quite shrewd of him, really.

^That's not exactly hate speech.

Is a person a Victim because they say they are? Or, when a person is found guilty of some kind of abuse?
These stories are extremely disturbing to me. I agree with @7 that it is very unlikely (if lying) that these two grown men, at mid-life, suddenly would be motivated by a need to take down a political figure...for what? A (clearly slim) chance at the hope for money? Come on... no one in their right mind would do that. It saddens me that their past history is even being considered here since it clearly has promoted a tremendous amount of discrimination, denial and even hatred by their accused. If Mr. Murray did do these terrible things to those then boys, why would he want to abuse them yet again by defacing their personhood and reputations as people who have worked hard to better themselves and live a virtuous life some 30 years later? To me, that's the part of this that's really worth prosecution.

I'd be a little more impressed with your posts had you ever previously shown any compassion or concern over "street boys". Instead, prior to this, you've always written from the point of view that old-school, anti-multicultural, anti-modern life working-class white folks(aka the last 20 people who STILL think Scoop Jackson should've been president) are the only human beings worthy of any level of respect.

Let's face it...the only reason you're banging the drums on this issue is that you think it PROVES that the LGBTQ community are all pedophiles. You've always been a homophobe and you think the allegations here validate your homophobia. That's why you use the phrase "cute young street boys" with such malicious relish.

Look, there's a good chance that Murray is guilty, but if he is, it's on him, not the entire LGBTQ community. And it doesn't discredit the antidiscrimination laws.

BTW, I'm pretty sure you hate everything Matt Groening stands for as a comic artist and animator(Matt is progressive and anti-hate), so why are you using one of his images as an avatar?

Don't know if any of you track the comments on web sites covering national news, but 'Seattle mayor is a pedophile' has definitely become a meme already. Triage here folks. Murray can't be saved.
What may be consistent about Ed Murray from past to present is "abuse of power." Murray decreed to cut ties with district councils to squelch resident's voice in the his pursue of pro-developer policies. Agree or disagree with the policies, fine. Cutting out voices is arrogant use of power. Murray's angry and childish text messages to Bagshaw threatening to stop Seattle clean ups and pull police enforcement was also an arrogant abuse of power. Taking advantage of vulnerable youth at the Parry Center is an immature, criminal abuse of power. Politicians are skilled at public speaking and public relations. But, Murray has been consistent behind the scenes, being caught abusing his power, flexing his authority, and attempting to put people on their knees in the name of doing greater good. Whether a mentor at the Parry Center or a leader for progressive policies, he likes to both represent the vulnerable and dominate them.
@25 Well noticed and written.

I would like to add this is an indictment on the City Council. They really should have convened a hearing on the Mayor concerning Moral Turpitude by now.

The insistence of "guilty till proven" innocent is extraneous to Ed Murray being mayor. That isn't he standard we use for political office holders. Nixon was't even impeached. And even if he was, removal from office did not hinge on a criminal conviction.
@19, 20:

The lawsuit itself is blatantly political:

"Natural speculation would lead some people to believe that D.H.’s actions are politically motived – which is not exactly true. In this regard, D.H. is disturbed that Mr. Murray maintains a position of trust and authority, and believes that the public has a right to full information when a trusted official exploits a child. To the extent that D.H. has any political motivations for outing Mr. Murray, they stop there."

This is an attempt to dictate to us citizens of Seattle our choice of Mayor, by abusing the court system so the lawsuit extends throughout the election season.


The lawsuit intentionally conflates homosexuality and sexual predation:

"To the extent that D.H. has any political motivations for outing Mr. Murray, they stop there."

As we all know, "outing" refers to revealing a person's sexuality without his or her prior consent. Here, it is used to describe accusing someone of horrendous crimes.


Thank you for confirming the purpose of the lawsuit, and of the other accusations, is to enrage public opinion and drive Mayor Murray from office.
Not only should you believe everything you read on the internet, you should give extra credence to unverifiable, uncorroborated claims made by people with extensive criminal backgrounds.
It's a gladiator game with the media and also with all the scandal happening on a federal level. Washington State being a sanctuary state status could definitely put Murray in a hot seat with evil doers of big government. I wouldn't be surprised if Murray was framed. It's a tough call because we live in a political system that pardons criminal actions daily. Actually, years and years of it. I hope we can clear bad media and get to the truth. Aside from this scandal, I'm not a big Murray fan and it's not about these horrendous
accusations at all. I feel bad for the guy. He's not the best Mayor but he's still a human being. He deserves due process.

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