So, the masses will pass a city income tax because they think it will cost them nothing. Do you really think the tax pigs will be happy with taxing those over 250k? The system will be in place and the threshold will go lower and lower until it's across the board. Then the presedenc will be set for the state to start collecting income taxes which of course they will. Then do you think they will roll back all those property, gas, and sales taxes? Of course not, pigs never give back the slop just because you give them more.
Wait until we get hit with one good recession and that $250K number will drop to $100K.
Tax the rich, and tax the hell out of the churches.
@1, the masses will pass a city income tax because they know the State Supreme Court already ruled one unconstitutional, making the entire movement masturbatory sophistry. Until the state constitution is amended, this is all much ado about nothing.
Something needs to be done to make our tax system more progressive and fair. Kudos to the coalition that got this on the radar here in Seattle. Thanks to the council members who support the idea and want to move forward with the debate that must precede any action on the part of the Council.

It's clear the state legislature as currently constituted will not move on creating a more fair tax system. So, please Seattle, let's get a test case before the Court so we can find out if this is even feasible under the law as it exists here in Washington.
Does the city need this money? What does it propose to do with it? What taxes does it propose to cut? Really this just seems like taxation for the purpose of taxation.
It's all about the math, we have the most regressive tax set up in the country. This is not something to be proud of. That means the rich pay a lower percentage in taxes than you do. Since you're unlikely to become rich you should support this unless you're a gullible Republican who votes against your interest.
@7 Hell yes the city needs the money have you seen the condition of you streets or had a paced bus pass you by?
The way the stranger refers to the income tax is confusing. They keep saying households making more the 250k, whereas the actual proposal is to tax household income in excess of $250k.

If I'm understanding it correctly, someone making $260k would have to pay 1.5% tax on $10k, which is quite reasonable.

If my understanding is correct can the stranger stop saying the propersal is to "tax households making over $250k"? Thats an unclear statement and can lead people to think house holds who make over $250k will have their total income taxed at 1.5%.
@9 You're right. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks.

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