If the goal is to get people to drink less sugar then taxing diet drinks is counterproductive. And the overall tax seems excessive. I mean adding over $1 to the price of a 2-liter close to doubles the price. Also, if we're concerned about sugary drinks, why do Starbucks and other coffee chains get off easy? The unicorn drink had tons of sugar and was incredibly popular with kids, so why wouldn't we expect to simply see a shift in creating drinks that skirt the tax but still contain a crap ton of sugar?
@1: The infamous latte tax failed in Seattle in 2003.
Dumb-ass taxes like this are the type of nanny-state bullshit that gives liberalism a bad name... and makes me embarrassed to be a liberal.
Income tax
How about a tax on dog & cat hair styling and "daycare"?
regardless of the "sex scandal" I pretty sure that Murray is going to tax himself out of office, as progressive as this city is I cant imagine voters going for this guy again. He really hasn't done a damn thing other than hit residents with what seems like a constant stream of regressive taxes. They don't say in the article that the tax on a 12 pack of soda is 2.50. So lets say you want to throw a birthday party or something like that and you grab 2 cases of drinks for your guests you just shelled out $10 in tax on that one visit to the store. Fucking crazy and completely regressive.
I would support a tax on stupid blog commenting.
@10 - Walked right into that one.
I'm ok with the tax as long as they lay off Diet Dr Pepper!
It is fucking stupid that a can of coke is getting taxed but the unicorn frappiccino which has 10g more sugar then a can of coke isn't. I bet a lot of the "professional" class consumes just as much sugar from coffee based drinks.
I won't vote for tax focused on POC.
Taxing diet drinks removes any health rationale and just makes Murray look like an utter fool for how regressive this is. He should go back to Olympia and fix the tax system like he didn't do when he was there with solid Democratic majorities.

Fortunately I think people are hip to regressivity now and very unlikely to vote for this bullshit.
Extra taxes on packaged goods and foodstuffs is the most regressive tax possible.

Keep on being you, Seattle.

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