Seattle Police Department

A man pulled a gun on two pedestrians Wednesday evening after yelling a homophobic slur in their direction, says a spokesman for the Seattle Police Department.

According to a police report, the victims were crossing the street at the intersection of Rainier Ave S and S Genesee St when the incident happened. As they were walking at the crosswalk, the traffic light turned green and a man waiting at the light in a vehicle allegedly yelled obscenities at the pair, a 23-year-old man and 30-year-old woman who aren’t identified in the police report. The victims allegedly shouted back before the suspect drove off.

They met again at another intersection, where the suspect allegedly threw a bottle at the 23-year-old man, hitting him in the arm. After that altercation, the pair followed the suspect to photograph his car. When they were close enough, the suspect opened his door, walked on the street and pointed a gun in their direction.

According to a widely circulated Facebook post from someone who claims to be one of the victims’ friends, the suspect at one point used the slur “faggot.” The Facebook user who wrote the public post did not immediately respond to The Stranger’s request for an interview.

The Seattle Police blotter describes the suspect “as being in his late 20s, 6’0 with a heavy build, wearing a black hat and t-shirt and brown pants and shoes—and pointed a gun at the victims.”

SPD is investigating the incident as a bias-based crime. Anyone who recognizes the suspect or has any information about the incident can call (206) 684-5550.

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