Yep, allegations. Let it go, Stranger. You ran this Mayor out of town. What, feeling guilty about your role in this smear campaign?
"Underage sex work"? Really, Sydney Brownstone? There's a word for that, and it's "rape."
What's with the Stranger?
Too many man-hating women?
Sure sounds like it.
@3 Men hating? Are you saying Murray's four accusers aren't MEN? What are they then, in your definition?

If you're a man, you're the kind all women should hate, so no, there are not too many man-hating women.
Had the NYT's simply reprinted SydBrownstone's reporting, they would have been better served.
#1 Murray ran himself out of town.
Simpson's story is pretty compelling IMO, and I appreciate your pointing out that the NYT missed it.
"Simpson's story is pretty compelling..."

The parts left untold were the most interesting. How did he go from having amicable (if apparently infrequent) communications with Murray to accusing him of rape? Rabidly anti-gay preacher Ken Hutcherson was part of that trajectory, as was a 12-step program which Simpson falsely claimed was the basis for his going public against Murray.

I think it is far beyond mere coincidence that at least three of Murray's four accusers have direct connections to local anti-gay activists.
"...allegations' impact on Seattle's LGBT community, which is a rich and worthy angle to mine..."

Indeed, the cold, callous, and shameful abandonment of Murray by the very "community" he had devoted most of his adult life to uplifting has been largely ignored in local coverage of this story.

Things were not always thus. Twenty-five years ago, when anti-gay bigotry struck hard in Oregon and Colorado, local LGBTQ activists banded together to fight it here. Hands Off Washington (of which I was an early member) united Washingtonians against bigotry and saved our local LGBTQ community from the domestic terrorism suffered in the other states. (See the documentary film, "Ballot Measure 9," for the impact on Oregon of the bigotry there.)

The anti-gay bigots of that day used the stereotype of the gay man as the soulless sexual predator, attempting to ban gays from adopting their own children (!). We fought those attacks effectively then; watching our local LGBTQ "community" abjectly surrender in the face of them now makes for a depressing, disheartening spectacle of needless failure and squandered opportunity.
"#1 Murray ran himself out of town."

The chronic inebriates in Pioneer Square to whom I offered future payouts from a lawsuit against you all agreed you sacrifice goats to Cthulu, but differed on whether you molest the goats before you sacrifice them. Should I ever file suit on these bases, you'll just have to admit you ran yourself out of town.
10- The local gay community knows Ed well enough to take the stand that is appropriate. The Mayor is an individual accused of bad behavior. That is not the same as the entire community being accused.
@12 FTW
"The local gay community knows Ed well enough to take the stand that is appropriate."

Cowardly abandonment is not a "stand", it's a "fall."

"That is not the same as the entire community being accused."

Your naïveté would be charming if it were not so painful.
tensor, are you familiar with what abuse within a relationship looks like? You seem to expect an abused person to see it cleanly and coldly and promptly unwind every thread of trust and family that an abuser wound them into first.

In my comment, I noted that Simpson has made at least one false statement, and had at least one known tie to a local anti-gay activist. You responded by assuming Simpson is telling the truth, and that the only person who had maliciously influenced him was Murray.

Why do you base your comment on claims not proven, instead of upon facts?

I stand by my original comment: the most interesting parts of Simpson's story are the ones we don't yet know, and it's far more than mere coincidence that at least three of Murray's four accusers have known ties to local anti-gay activists.
Tensor, there are no "facts" in Murray's case. That's up to a jury or a judge to determine, not you.
Tensor - lashing out on chronic alcoholics is cowardly and abusive.
Tensor, there are no "facts" in Murray's case. That's up to a jury or a judge to determine, not you.

You're confused. Simpson is not a party to the lawsuit against Murray. Unless he joins the suit, or is called to testify, the claims he made to The Stranger will not be evaluated by a jury.

The facts to which Mtn. Beaver and I referred were in The Stranger's reporting on Simpson. He and I chose to believe The Stranger's reporting; you're free to not believe it if you so choose. I was merely noting that Mtn. Beaver commented as if Simpson's claims concerning Murray were entirely true, even though Simpson has made demonstrably false statements in his account.

"...lashing out on chronic alcoholics..."

You misunderstood my little piece of fiction concerning trolling the drunks in Pioneer Square. It was merely to illustrate how easy it could be to concoct allegations against you, which, by your logic, would then be attached to you forever. You seem not to like that very much, even as you assail Murray with the same tactic.

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