We need a new leader in Seattle who is not tied to the old political ways, one who offers pragmatic solutions to the diverse Seattle population, and someone who will stop the financial waste in City Hall. Every wasteful tax levy voted in increases costs for us all - renters and homeowners alike - in addition to ancillary costs for all restaurants, bars, and other establishments. Harley Lever is a savvy compassionate individual who loves this city and the people in it. We are long time Seattleites and love this city and the many wonderful people in it, and for this reason we are voting for Harley Lever for mayor. Please look at his stance on policies and ask him the tough questions
In a race with so many people running on practically identical platforms Casey Carlisle is actually offering a Sensible Alternative.

Carlisle for Seattle!!
Love Seattle? Vote Lever.

A vote for Mayor Harley Lever is a vote for putting Seattle values first:
Time for some sensible government in this city. Harley Lever seems to be the only candidate on your list that is capable of delivering that. The best way to learn that for yourselves is to give him a mic and ask hard questions.
More sockpuppets than an amateur Muppet show knockoff.
You do realize David Ishii didn't file for mayor this year, right?
Who the fuck is Harley lever?
The poll is completely broken. The top guy has less than 300 likes on Facebook to his page, 25 likes on the post, and 1 share, but has over 1700 votes and rising (at a steady rate - what a coincidence!).

All you have to do is open a "private" window and you get a second vote. Get a better voting system, this is a sad joke and an embarrassment to any semblance of a fair process.
I am not sure why some candidates got a free ticket in/ Not fair! I have known Jason Roberts forever and he gets my vote.
The Stranger's poll instrument is easy to game. One person can vote hundreds of times in a day, and there is a likelihood that this happened, since one of the candidates jumped ahead suddenly. (He was getting hundreds of votes per hour for several hours.) The results of this poll are not even remotely representative of the relative levels of support for the various candidates. I have asked the Stranger to stop the poll and start over with a better instrument. So far, they have declined.

–David Preston, manager
Harley Lever for Mayor
I want a 21 gum wall salute.

Make them chew gum and walk at the same time.

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