Sounds like an incentive for kids not to break the law and for parents to do a better job with that entire parenting thing
My parents knew the importance of being there for their children. As such, they didn't do stupid shit that kept them "in and out of jail" when they should have been raising their children.

Also, this very ominous statement: "...booked into jail in King County, which operates one of the largest detention systems in the Pacific Northwest."

Ooooohhh, scary! "One of the largest detention systems". Oh, "in the Pacific Northwest". Who in the PNW would have a larger one? Centralia? Bellevue? Port Orchard? That hive or urban crime, Bellingham? Or perhaps that nefarious Index? Dangerous Twisp? Nope, scary Seattle, largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and set of the most populous county in the Pacific Northwest.
Why are the kids in jail? They broke the law, that's why. Also, bad parenting.
It's bad parenting to bring a child into such an environment just to satisfy the guilt of the mother who made bad choices for a sperm donor.
Those kids are surely going places in life.
'Hey kids, see one of your sisters' daddy sitting behind the glass over there? That's where you'll be sitting in about 7 years."
"Mays was going to school and had recovered from drug addiction, but she had a rough history. From 1991 to 2001, the state had already terminated her parental rights four times for her nine other children."…
Oookay lesson learned, enabling comments on articles about prison policy is not worthwhile.
@9 -
Oookay lesson learned, enabling comments on articles about prison policy is not worthwhile.
Because you disagree with the opinions of the commenters?
No Arty Zipp, because it's all trolls who didn't read or understand the research in the piece about recidivism and parenting connections.

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