"Rent stabilization efforts"?

That type of vague language is usually code for things like giving tax breaks to developers/landlords.
Conspicuously missing from this otherwise laudable list of proposals: upzoning neighborhoods currently zoned at FAR 2 or lower.
I couldn't afford to live where I work and get what I want ( we all should acknowledge our preferences cause this). So I commute on transit over an hour a day. There are choices in greater Seattle.
@2 yeah, this all seems fine, but we've got to talk about zoning.
@1, I've heard that it usually means putting a legal ceiling on how much (%-wise) rents can rise in a specific period of time.
@3 I guess? Living to some flung out place in the Metro area is an option, sure, but its more workable if you're 1) childless or not caring for adult dependents and 2) you live and work on transit lines or 3) you have a job that can afford the transit costs or an employer who is willing to subsidize a portion or all of those costs. That's a high bar to clear for a lot of people in Seattle, man. If you're in a low paying job with kids who need to get to and from school and you have to be in Pioneer Square by 8 a.m. but live in Federal Way or Marysville - you better be some kinda Harry Potter genius with good paying job to make that work comfortably.

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