sorry, when someone moves from texas on a "hope and prayer" for a job, lives in a apt for a month and then become homeless, while they count king county as last residence, they moved here and got themselves homeless. how many of the homeless moved to washington state within the last 24 months?
@1, shockingly very few. I've participated in several of the counts and the majority of the homeless in Seattle are long time residents who typically been priced out of anything close to affordable housing options. When you are already living paycheck to paycheck it takes only a few short weeks to find yourself without a home, selling anything you have of value and then end up living in your car while attempting to keep your job.

But thanks for your typical neoliberal / neoconservative bullshit attitude.
While this shows a 30% Increase in unsheltered homeless in Seattle. There was only a 4% increase in unsheltered homeless in the rest of Kind County.

Seattle is doing something right to attract homeless. I don't think it's services, but more likely our permissive acceptance to urban camping, etc.

Also, like @1 said, the question of "last became homeless is extremely biased. Only 40% last lived in there own place. The rest were crashing on couches, in jail, etc..
I'm curious about the changes to the tallying process for the one night count. How could they effect an additional 22% counted?
Is "Freeattle" myth really debunked?

Unsheltered homeless count increased by 914 in Seattle, but only 65 in the rest of the county.
How does the size of Seattle's homeless population and the amount of money budgeted for homeless services compare to that of Everett, Tacoma, Olympia, Spokane, etc?
Alternate headline: "Another Report Finds Nearly 1 in 4 King County Homeless Came From Elsewhere, Bolstering 'Freeattle' Non-myth"
@9 Or, "Consistent with established stereotypes, a recent survey confirmed that the typical homeless person in Seattle is over 40 years old, male, white, and has a history of drug or alcohol abuse."

Even better: "Researchers expand survey so it covers more area and lasts longer: not surprisingly, the survey results show an increase in the number of homeless people encountered."

Math is a real weak point for the Stranger. These guys need to sit down with an introductory statistics textbook sometime. I suppose I appreciate what they are trying to do here, but there are better ways to try to make this point.
nice try, but "freeattle" is a thing. no enforcement of common laws re: trespassing, drug sales, drug use/abuse, parking rules and a parade of "services" offered by "non profit" groups.

we just need to do more for the thieving junkie "campers", lol.
also, many "homeless" give an address as most recent - a shelter, a food bank, whatever. that doesn't mean they DIDN'T just show up a month ago from boise or phoenix.
That survey has been repeatedly completely debunked as BS. The data is completely contaminated by the collection method. Also, homeless vagrants are dumping their used needles trash all over the city. I know that the Stranger's resident social justice outrage bots "Heidi Groover" and "Ana Sofia Knauf" think that's super cool.
If I was living outdoors and in need of free services, Seattle would be my first choice compared to, say, Santa Monica, California. The rain here is like god's free shower.
How many are living/camping in green belts and rural areas that no one knows about. I'm still trying to figure out why more protesting, street-clogging, bull-horn-screaming liberals aren't welcoming these poor folk into their homes or the "innovative" city's approach of garden-lined backyard homeless-hosting. We can invite strangers from other cities to stay with us for things like Gay Pride, or SeaFair but those in your own streets aren't worthy? Seems a bit -oh hypocritical - doesn't it? Maybe they are afraid they may get someone like Kathy Griffin moving in!
"Freeattle" is less of statement re how much stuff the "homeless" get for free, and more a statement re how Seattle looks the other way when it comes to hundreds of junkies shitting on sidewalks and partying without repercussion.

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