Fucking Randy Quaid's really let himself go
Wear your name tag when you march, Cato.
Dang, if that isn't a prime, Grade-A specimen of Superior Aryan Manhood at its peak - well, I just don't know what is.
Ma! You seen muh flag waving stick!? My Nazi buddies will be here any minute for the Shania march!
Cleverly framed, unfortunately
I hope Theordore Gorath can make it. It would be great to watch him condemn the marchers' ideas while defending to the death their right to express them, while also explaining how stupid he thinks Islam actually is.
"The attacker, a known Nihilist" or "The attacker, a known Bernie Sanders/Jill Stein fan" is the appropriate description Stranger hacks.

Please correct your mistake.
I agree that these losers should be allowed to march ...maybe 12 of the Neanderthals will show up in Seattle, and they will be quaking in their boots....
Of course they have a right to march. So does Antifa. Both groups have a right to be in the same location at the same time.
@8: So what, you are you just sitting there, thinking about me? Find something else to obsess over, weirdo.

But for the record, all religions are stupid, including Islam.
i'll turn out to heckle. Bring it.

@9: Nihilism? You're pathetic.
I hope the Repubs who are always bitching about the ACLU only supporting liberal causes see this.
I agree they have the right to march, and all of us who oppose their hate also have the right to show up and vastly outnumber them.
It's the "We are Spartacus" challenge. They want to play in our arena, they'll have to fight our lions.
@13 Yes Slog troll. The mentally ill whackjob who is being charged for the stabbings is a self proclaimed Nihilist, in addition to being a BernieBro and Jill Stein fan.

Sorry if the basic facts of this story hurt your feelz.

He's also a racist piece of shit - a trait the two of you share in-common.
@18 He is quite clearly insane.
@12 seatackled just really likes us. But it loves to troll other Sloggers without any facts to back up it's claims
Oh, and I am against Sharia law as well as Biblical law, P.C and all other forms of totalitarian fascism from the right and the left.
A video camera inside a patrol car captured Christian saying, "I just stabbed a bunch of (expletive) in their neck. ... I can die in prison a happy man," the affidavit said. He said one of the men on the train kept resisting him, despite his threats. "That's what liberalism gets you," Christian said.

You're full of shit, asshole.
@19 God I love Slog trolls. They are so predictable, like pulling the string on a See-n-Say. "You're racist! You're transphobic! You're sexist! You're homophobic! You're racist!"

@20 Stabbie McWhackjob in Portland is quite clearly crazier than a shithouse rat. All one needs to do is look at the guy's rantings on social media railing against male circumcision and "estrogen receptors being on a foreskin" along with his rants about the "prison industrial complex" and opposing the Dakota pipeline.

What is shameful - but not surprising - is how publications like The Stranger is trying to wave the bloody shirt in a sordid attempt to gain political traction instead of realizing that this guy was just some crazy, deranged kook who even Sovereign Citizen types didn't like or want to be around.
Ana: Please alert us of any counter demonstrations by CAIR or anyone else.
@24 If the guy was Muslim and stabbed people on the train, you and your alt-right buddies would be screaming, "terrorism!" and "radical Islam!" Since it's a white guy, he's a lone wolf, and a crazy, kook. Nothing to see here, right?
@9, @18
Your insistence on repeating that assertion ad nauseum without providing any evidence is really wearying.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Evidence, or STFU.
Jesus Christmas....the wife and I were considering retiring to Portland in order to escape to somewhere progressive from our backward Southern red state.

In your case it's all indisputably true...
Bicycle helmets, everyone!
@32. Nailed it. I wonder if their reading for comprehension is anywhere near your critical review skill.
We ought to peacefully surround these pro-hate & violence "Act for America" people with a huge wall. Using bicycles as a 'wall' between them and us, and dressing for safety are always good ideas.
Hey, they do have the right to bring their "Festival of Stupid White Trash".
But how fun would it be rather than trying to out protest them, let's all just stay as far away from them as possible, no media people, no cameras, no police,none of us "Screaming Liberals" that they hate so much. Nothing. They probably want more than anything, to piss us off and show us their manly manlyhood.
I say, fuck 'em
Let's act like we don't even know they exist. If nobody but them shows up, there won't be any problems, and they'll look like the fucking idiots that they are!
A solution that worked in one Ohio town in the 80s against the KKK when they rallied there... the townspeople all mooned the Klan en masse. And then laughed.

The Klan never came back.

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