The Comeback? Mayoral Candidate Mike McGinn Wants to "Keep Seattle," Whatever That Means


McGinn is history.
If I lived in Seattle, I'd want a mayor to keep the city affordable and livable, not just a haven for the hi-tech industry and Richie Riches coming in from around the globe.
@2: "Make Seattle Great Again"--like "Make America Great Again"?? Brrrrrrrrr! No thanks!
I wouldn't vote for this ding-dong even if he was the only candidate on the ballot.
McGinn Derangement Syndrome looks a lot like Clinton Derangement Syndrome. Asked to explain, most people retreat to the generalizations of "received wisdom". I admit, I can't see him beating Durkan, but then I have yet to identify any candidate who is likely to have a good shot at beating Durkan. She is so clearly the establishment candidate, but she is also whip smart and not overtly creepy like Murray (from the beginning!). Since the day Durkan announced, she has gone from looking and speaking like she didn't have the foggiest idea why she was running to being a witty expounder of the things we Seattlites want to hear. She's the condo candidate, which I guess is our future...