Two Seattle Police officers killed Charleena Lyles, 30, on Sunday. Ana Sofia Knauf


@2: it does. that doesn't mean the cops have to fulfill the request so quickly.

@2 that segment does. The whole conversation leading up to it, is that how you'd suicide by cop? It's a strange recording.

Aaand here's mistral with their (his?) favorite smear that maybe she's a child-killer so we'd better be safe.
@4: you're speculating as to what she would have done. no officer got stabbed or slashed or even lunged at. they got approached.

40 comments about an election in Georgia.

7 comments about a pregnant African American killed by police. 3 of those 7 comments support shooting the woman.

Progressive Seattle?
no, look again, adam. drama queen.
The point is, our society hires these men to deal with these problems. What we are witnessing, in this incident, and in incidents across the country, for years, is that the people who we've hired aren't capable of doing what we've hired them to do. We've hired a bunch of incompetents to fulfill a very important job, which is the real tragedy in America today. The idiots have been given the power, and the sensible ones pushed aside.

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