"I guess we've got to keep talking about this." What a bitchy thing to say considering The Stranger contributed to his disintegration with their coverage that made him out to be super-mega-ultra guilty
33% would vote for him if his name is on the ballot. But his name won't be on the ballot and he expects that numbers to rise? Ed's pretty dumb, but that takes the cake.
That poll is NOT going to go well.
I might vote for him.
And I didn't vote for him 2013.
He has such an old lady face I can't un-see
Don't be an asshole
@6: They seem a pretty solid shitposter.
@5: Oh really? Then by all means, look at mine.
If anything, his write in candidacy could have the unintended effect of taking votes away from the other "establishment" candidate Durkan and elect somebody the establishment hates, e.g., Oliver, McGinn.
He seems a bit desperate to keep this job. Isn't there some other role he can perform in society that he finds useful and satisfying? There's a lot of Murray fatigue here and abscence makes the heart grow fonder....take 5, mr. mayor.
@1: Little wonder the tone was unpleasant. What's the point of The Stranger ginning up an internet lynch mob if the target won't stay dead?

@2: Read harder: "Another poll, completed by Wilson Strategic, found that 21.5 percent of respondents would switch from their first choice (one of the six current frontrunners for mayor) to Murray if he ran. All of them were asked after the lawsuit was withdrawn."

Furthermore, given it's now completely obvious the suit was timed to prevent Murray's re-election, he may have standing to get his name on the ballot even though the filing date has passed.

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