Unambiguously terrible idea. I'd expect this from a high school junior, not a city councilperson. While it's not inappropriate to be skeptical of the results of an SPD internal investigation, the answer is not a sham investigation which which has a pre-determined conclusion.

But hey, she's getting what she wanted: Media attention. Had I been in Seattle, I would have voted for her at first, but she's looking more and more like a media opportunist of the Trump mold than anyone with the capability to advance socialist policies. She might as well be asking for Obama's birth certificate.
If your goal is the potential of criminal charges, you'd better damn be sure you have people that know how to run a criminal investigation. If Sawant is so concerned about an independent investigation, why not ask another department or the State AG to run it?
@1: well-articulated
grandstanding at its lowest.
Sawant = odious
Sawant is what you get in civic "leaders" when you elect activists and not individuals who hold to a standard of civic duty and responsibility first and foremost in the execution of the public's trust. She also exemplifies the problem with Socialism as presented in the US: it's all about the individual while completely ignoring the role of personal responsibility and the need of individuals giving back to their communities.
Never forget that "Kshama drones on and on" anagrams as "Oh no! Darkness and moan."

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