So, I guess now the question is: will one million fewer citizens being denied health coverage make any difference to the handful of GOP holdouts?
I saw that premiums will go up 20% then eventually down 30%. I'm guessing that will be due to the exclusion of people seriously ill and unable to afford premiums, along with the Twitler regime allowing insurance companies to sell cheap, junk policies that don't actually cover anything. I'm too lazy to Google it.
How many of those tens of thousands who die are people who vote for Trump and the republicans?

Maybe this is a self-correcting problem?
@3: Such dispositions are not helpful and non-altruistic. Stop thinking about those who voted for Trump as just think about Americans.
... and just think about Americans.
#3 not cute
This is a disaster. But of course 45 Tweeted “Fake News” to the CBO report. Even on “Wired” some dude commented Fake News.

Even with the PPACA people are dying. But folks who are on a computer are not aware of the 30% in poverty in the USA. 30% of American families living on LESS than $16,500 a year for a family of four. They don’t have iPhones, Internet, and live on canned food and fast food coupons. They are hidden--living in trailers, small flats in public housing and no one cares.

Damn I’m an atheist and care more about EVERY person than “Christians do!” I just had an argument with some very slow guys who said “Jesus said to care only about other Christians.” I said Jesus Christ didn’t exist..then found myself trying to explain to these guys about folk tales, oral history and thought “What am I doing??”

I’m 70 years old and remember when medical care was CARING about the patient. God I’m so old. I still see patients for free...but they can’t pay for meds. I just wish I could get some of the billions of meds thrown away in this country.

We have two Americas. Those who write here and over 100 million people that no one cares about. (And no they can’t vote either--thanks to egregious voter ID laws, plus so many illiterate folks here.)
BTW--that’s my daughter in picture--pretty gal!
@7: Actually, I thought it was you - even know the age.
... even knowing...
...And the GOP said there would be "death panels" under the ACA. The Congressional GOP is a death panel!
Nobody on Apple Health would equate that shitty service to any sort of decent preventative care.

How can 22 million people lose something they don't even have?

Why should I be caring and compassionate about a group of people who actively campaigns not only for their own destruction, but mine as well?

I feel compassion for those who oppose these republican policies and will be negatively affected by them. I feel nothing but contempt for those who support these policies and will be negatively affected by them. They're either hopelessly naive or willfully destructive, I have no time or empathy for either.
@4, 6 The people have spoken and now the people must suffer. This is what they want so let them have it. Its not a surprise, this is what the republicans have been campaigning on for the last several years.
@14-- Eliminationist ideation does not play out well, whether it's generational, geographical, ideological, sectarian, gender-specific, etc, etc, etc.

Please look for alternative Final Solutions to all of society's inconvenient problems.

No need to look - the GOP is already providing.
@3, the only other problems would be continued gerrymandering of what's left by the GOP and the touch screen voting machines w/o paper trails that can be hacked and manipulated, usually in favor of the GOP candidate.

@4, 5 if we were truly all Americans, the cops in Tulsa, OK, NOLA, and St. Paul, MN, for example, would have been convicted for shooting Black Americans that possessed no intent to harm those cops.

Other than that, dems have got to get smart and honorable instead of corrupt and get serious about grass roots organizing (Dean's 50 state strategy 2.0), populist economics, strong populist economics messaging, and winning elections. With a majority, then they can get serious about health care reform--something better than what we've got.
Please don't just kvetch about the faux health care bill. Contact your Senators. Their emails are here:

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