Don't want to get shot by police? DON'T FUCKING RUN FROM THEM. Or go after them with a knife. Or reach for your gun in your car.

When they say; "stop", FUCKING STOP. When they say; "Stop resisting" STOP FUCKING RESISTING. When they say; "keep your hands in sight", KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS IN SIGHT.

If you're black, don't do all these things harder.
@1 and if you're laying down in the street with your hands up and still get shot what are you supposed to be doing again?…
@2 So you're saying if a cop tells you to stop resisting it doesn't make sense to FUCKING STOP RESISTING because someone else was shot under totally different circumstances.

The mind-numbing stupidity of some people.
@1, 3: sell that BS to philando castile.
@1 This is the advice given to tourists in police states.

Legally, in the US, running from the police does NOT justify the use of deadly force unless there is imminent danger to the officer or the public.

Of course, there are imbeciles who'll cede that power to the police in all cases...
@6 "Legally, in the US, running from the police does NOT justify the use of deadly force unless there is imminent danger to the officer or the public."

No shit, Sherlock. That's the fucking point. It may be dawning on you now. But I doubt it.

Cops aren't supposed to do that, but sometimes they do. So what are you going to do about it next time a cop is pursuing you? Or tells you to stop resisting? Or tells you to keep your hands where they can see them?

You can do what this moron did and run. Maybe you can even try to "ram" the cop.

The mind-numbing stupidity of some people.

So you acknowledge that black people face unequal treatment?
my little brother tried to run from the cops to avoid a DUI. it didn't work. but he's white, so... he's alive.
Also, they shot a Vietnamese kids with a pen. A fucking pen.
Twelve seconds doesn't seem long enough for a person to turn their car around in a dead end street and start ramming a police car. The only way we can ever stop cops from blatantly lying about use of deadly force is to REQUIRE THEM TO WEAR BODY CAMS. If they claim they can elect not to wear body cams because doing so violates their contract, we who pay their salaries should say fine, when your contract expires we won't renew it unless you agree to the use of body cams as a standard condition of employment.
@13 Some kindergarteners don't grasp the difference between "ought" and "is", but that's because they are six years old. Let's see how you do.

Black people and other POC are at higher risk of bad outcomes than the White Devils - though they face a risk too- when interacting with cops. You are free to propose reasons but that's the way it is. Cops have the authority to use force, even lethal force, to get people to comply with their commands. That's the way it is.

Black people and other POC, -even the damn Crackers (some of them are human, you know)- ought to expect that cops won't break the law or use lethal force when non-lethal options are available. Sometimes the cops don't do what they ought. That's the way it is.

It's up to you how you play those odds when a cop tells you to stop. It's your choice. You can comply and reduce your risk of bad outcomes or you can join the stupid club.

Ought cops not shoot people so much (even the White Devils)? Yes. Ought they be held accountable? Yes. Do we, even the Crackers, have the right to expect them to behave legally and professionally? Yes.

Fury and whining about what ought to be doesn't do you much good in your coffin. So if you don't want to get shot when the cops tell you to stop DON'T FUCKING RUN FROM THEM. That's the way it is.
In his artless way, I think that Shiftless is simply trying to offer some practical advice. If you're confronted by the police, do exactly what they tell you to do. That is especially good advice if you're African-American. Compliance will not guarantee your survival but it will improve your odds significantly.

Police are mostly good people trying to do a very tough job. Police - black or white, male or female - tend to be more afraid of young black men because young black men tend to be more violent. That's the reality on the street. Suicide by cop is a separate issue.

You may be the kindest guy in the city but, if your skin is brown, you'll be stereotyped. Do exactly what the police tell you to do.

Old white guy... you forgot racist in your name.

Shit for Brains (Shiftless) ..... you forgot your fucking mind.

What's there to know? 99% of the time, it's justified because they had a deadly weapon or were a danger. Unless some evidence crops up during the investigation, it's actually irresponsible to report on it. But not only is the stranger irresponsible, they are downright evil because they always imply the cop was a murderer. Every goddamn time.
Who is the "you" you're talking to, bud? You're excluding black people, right? You're not trying to educate them any that cops are violent, I hope? Because Jesus, stop and think about that for a second here.

I bet you like to give women your tips how not to get raped, too.
The Stranger won't be happy until blacks start to kill cops and all the white folks.
How many white people killed by cops in King County in last month or so?
Serious question.

Strangely the racially motivated murder of a white guy at dicks on lower QA last Friday has gotten very little attention.
All of you have poor writing skills.
• Recovered from Joseph-McDade’s wallet was 4.9 grams of suspected methamphetamine. This field tested positive and will be confirmed by the Washington State Crime Lab.

• Investigators executed a search warrant on the suspect vehicle and recovered 69.2 grams of marijuana and a suspicious liquid which will be sent to the State Crime Lab for analysis.
Modern police practice is to NOT shoot at cars that are "threatening" you - it's more effective to step aside and shelter. That's just police theory though - apparently, they didn't teach this officer those steps in cop school.
One might argue, had the victims not been stopped (not necessarily shot), what danger would they have been on the roads speeding as it sounds, under the influence,

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