Why would a Durkan supporter recycle a trite Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) refrain? "Gets things done." For who? Pah.
Posted too soon. That was also a HRC line...
Lorena González? I'd be shocked if she doesn't endorse Durkan.
I do respect the sheer baller-level chutzpah of Jenny Durkan being this far along in her campaign and still leaving her ISSUES page a work in progress: "More on Jenny’s ideas to address the most pressing issues facing Seattle will be available soon."

Hey, maybe she's on to something. Maybe this campaign really is not about the issues, or at least not about the issues that are relevant to a plurality of voters.
Mike O'Brien burnishing his progressive credentials and saving his real endorsement for the general election, I see... Jesus Christ, there can be no other logical explanation for that move.

Durkan getting to the general as a no-issues/blank-slate-"Democrat" is just as fucked up.

Meanwhile McGinn, Farrell, and Moon (Moon?? really Urbanist?!) are splitting up a wide spectrum of YIMBY types and that's just fucking depressing. I want McGinn or Farrell but I'm kind of doubtful either will get through and I don't know what to do. Help me, SECB. And if SECB is as off the deep end as I expect, based on last year's carbon tax fiasco, then, please, Dan Savage, share your vote or I'm just writing you in.

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