She sounds like the only adult who is running: she's go my support. Doing an on-line donation to her right now!
Just one sarcastic comment? Where're all the trolls and blather that plagues most political articles? This is the single most important election issue of all: that to a large extent electeds are bought by those with money to buy them. We have one of the most transparent campaign money reporting systems around, yet people just keep voting for the "only 'dolt in the room" because that's who the ads tell them to. Very disappointing.
Don't let big business buy another election. Not this time. Resist Seattle!

Vote Nikkita Oliver for Mayor and Jon Grant for City Council, position 8. These are true grass roots candidates.

Spekulation did this great video on Nikkita, please share:…
Fuck all politicians who take corporate cash. There is no reason to trust them. Nikkita Oliver and Jon Grant all the way.
I love stories like this that pretend labor doesn't do the same thing. Where's that story? IE just filed this week for Theresa M.

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