I've already given up drinking. I guess you'd have to ask something else, like whether I'd give up chocolate or pizza or sushi for life.
Why should I quit something I enjoy that is legal so the law will be enforced? Sorry. Bad question. I might quit drinking if all Seattle drivers had their phones taken away.
Would you give up your gun grabbing?
Trump is a symptom, not the problem. Get rid of him and the pissed off masses will simply elect another retard in his place. I'll need even more alcohol then.

I might give up drinking if every American... strike that, if every person in the world suddenly gained the ability to do critical thinking.
@4 Haha. Good one. Your question, like the question about drinking, is kind of like asking me if I'd give stabbing myself in the guy in exchange for Trump's impeachment. It's not something I do anyway. Have you noticed how after eight years of Obama, the US is still awash in guns?
Impeachment is one thing. Conviction in the subsequent Senate trial is an entirely different matter.
Oh damn, apparently you can't edit comments once posted. Well, I'm not stabbing myself in the gut either, much less the guy.
There will be no impeachment nor conviction as long as the GOP has control of Congress. So no point in giving up drinking! Besides, get rid of Trump and we'll have Pence, just as vile and creepy!
If I gave up drinking for Trump to be impeached and convicted, then Pence would be president, and I'd have to take up heroin.
Impeachment and removal of Trump would give us a President Pence.

I'd need to drink MORE if that happened!!!
@10, @11 times a million
@4: congrats, you're the whataboutist cunt of the day.
What's the point of getting rid of Trump only to have Mike "Boys Who Love the Cock Get the Shock" Pence take over in his place?
Trump Pence and Ryan, but I'll switch to cider only if Trump is impeached now.
@2 Trump is a special case of asshole though. He's still not as bad a president as GWB was (measured by lives and money squandered). But he's just the worst human. So special cases of sacrifice are not inappropriate. Unless of course you put more weight on travesty of presidency in which case if you didn't propitiate for GWB's jailing, why start with this clown.

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