DeVos' priorities are stunning. At what point do I stop protesting evil . . . stop resisting . . . and start fighting back? Is fighting back also evil? One side appears intent on harm and destruction. Fighting that side feels like fighting for life. How would it look--a fight for life?
58 hours? per what? Over the driver's lifetime?
58 hours per year I guess?

Keep your eye on the units, journalists and other bloggers. It's boring, but taking your eye off is how you let people play you with numbers like "$X00 billion" (actually over ten years). Or car salesmen adjusting the financing so you have a "lower payment".
@2 it says it in the post title, the section title, the first sentence of the article, and the first bullet point in the study summary.
The parking stat is a Lie.

It's for Suburban drivers who don't live in Seattle. It excludes people who commute by bus, bike, walking or light rail; which is what the majority of Seattle citizens do.
I agree PP market should ban cars. But I think I also agree w/ past Charles more than present day Charles re: enforcement of jaywalking laws.…

I've long thought society should double or even triple the fine for parking tickets (even as someone whose gotten my frustrating share.) It's really not all that difficult to be aware of where you left your vehicle and how long it's legally allowed to be there. Nearly all of those tickets I've gotten were so frustrating precisely because of my own casual and ignorant negligence.
Young people don't fear death because to them it's a concept. It isn't going to happen to them, or if it does, it's many, many years away. Older people start getting physical signs of death's approach. It's no longer theory. You can't run anymore. Joints hurt. Memory and recall slows. The good news is that when you get even older, you accept the eventuality of the coming horizon, the end of you in present form, and if you have been disabled by age and illness for long enough, you actually start to welcome an end to it. Others get to a point where they have seen so much change in society and its behavior that they no longer recognize the life they've known and ultimately feel that they have lived long enough and leave without sadness or fear.

It's hard to fathom why healthy young people would want to end the gift of living their time on Earth. And those who can casually end someone else's life have no real idea what they are doing, but it's despicably cruel.
@3 ain't you never seen a silently corrected Slog post before, son?
Woah, Charles. Two murders in the same place in one week? Maybe you should reconsider which park bench you use for your drink and think.
charles, i'm pretty sure the inspiration for car surfing came from this clip (nevermind that terms of endearment predates surf ninja by about 10 years...)…

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