What the fuck? If you're not going to impeach Murray then fucking deal with the homeless crisis and stop wasting the voters time with all of the pointless posturing.
Have these "brave" representatives bothered to call for Donald Trump's resignation when he is ADMITTEDLY a serial offender?

I find the allegations very disturbing, and I recognize that victims of sex offenders often aren't believed, but I also see that this is politics. I also see that he's gay. We don't even know who this case worker was. So I find this group consensus, in ways, more disturbing, given our due process system and the presumption of innocence in our society.

Also, I have to agree with @1. What have these representatives been doing lately about homelessness and rising rents? It's my understanding that Gonzales made deals with the developers; for example, she allowed them to get away with only one percent affordable housing in places like the University District, FGS. You know how many homeless youths are in the University District? Not to mention all the poor students they're gouging via the student loan RACKET. How else do you think most can afford living near their college?

What do these morally courageous people have to say about that?
@2 Not to mention that people have a right to respond to public allegations against them. What happened to the 1st Amendment, too?
Ed, leave.
Sad that not only can we not tell kids to be like our president, we now have a guy who is mayor and it's the same thing. Shameful.
Stunned into inertia while the clock runs out. No one is coming out this this looking good. NO ONE.

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