Is the City Council listening? Because they Mayor isn't.
In Mayor Murray's defense -- and I'm defending him only as to his public statements, not as to his underlying conduct -- Murray never publicly argued that his accuser should be disbelieved on the grounds that the accuser has a criminal history. Murray argued that the accuser should be disbelieved on the grounds that the accuser has a criminal history OF LYING about important matters: perjury, fraud, identity theft, false official statements, etc.

Being convicted of a crime doesn't necessarily indictate that someone has a tendency to lie. Being convicted of a crime in which lying is an element of the crime DOES necessarily indicate that someone has a tendency to lie. Murray's public statement was a reasonable argument. See FRE 609(a)(2), permitting just such evidence of untrustworthiness.

Again, not defending the acts here, just defending the argument.
It's infuriating to see all the hate directed at Ed Murray. I believe the mayor and find obvious, glaring reasons that any reasonable, objective person would have to conclude that his accusers are lying.
Ed Murray booted out the Civic Center contractor for not sharing the same ethical values as the city. That was a good decision. Now, despite his past behavior, he won't leave the City? Molesting minors doesn't even begin to compare to what he has already said is not acceptable values. He disgusts me. Leave Seattle now. How can he show his face here anymore? The longer he stays, the more damage he will do.
I wonder how many of the LGBTQ Commissioners would resign from the Commission, based upon nothing more than the unverifiable accusations of felons.

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