Yeah, it's not like community relations with the police aren't at a 50 year low or anything.
Doesn't matter. His lovers love him, his haters hate him. Doesn't matter what he says or does, nothing will change.
Those cops smiling in the background are disgusting.
all the cops laugh and clap, he turns around and acknowledges them, they're on the same page, bravely smiling with camaraderie in the patter of white gloves. rather, they were, as all the police officers read the department's tweet. tweets are so corrective, they should replace our criminal justice system entirely.
"Never forget" Starring Donald Trump. Stay tuned for the next episode of "Never forget" Starring Donald Trump. Stay tuned for the...

Anybody else seeing a sustained pattern that is beginning to have diminishing returns? Yeah, Trump is a dipshit. But if you think that a cop that commits police brutality is somehow going to be pardoned by the excuse that "Trump said it was cool" then you're a dipshit too. Chalk it up to what it is, a joke, influenced by too many bad cop movies

For fucks sake. You baby dick retards are never going to make it through the next three and a half years(if we're lucky) if you don't toughen up a bit and learn to tune out the never ending stream of free association bullshit that is constantly cranking out of his tiny little brain and squirted off the tip of his face and out his phone.
@7: Good point. We need to strive for a macro view and see the forrest for the trees.
@8 - I think you missed @7's carefully reasoned point. We need to stop being baby dick retards. Imma get right on that.
I certainly hope his a$$ is hauled away to prison and he is roughed up every moment of the trip and endures excruciating brutality while imprisoned. My guess is he'd kill himself rather than endure the inhumane treatment he beats the drum for when it comes to every else. He is so f'ing repugnant. I have never despised a human being as much as I despise him and I want horrific, horrific, HORRIFIC things to happen to him and every member of his family and anyone and everyone who ever cozied up to him as an ally.
Right up until the moment Hitler made it unfashionable fascism was very popular in America. That desire for jack-booted thugs has never left the national psyche.
@9: Fair point
@9. That baby dick retard piece really struck a chord with you, eh? I technically never asked you to stop being one though. Just to please shut up and focus on something that we could, i don't know, actually affect the outcome of...

@8. By all means, keep crying in outrage at every new tweet. It doesn't seem whiny and pathetic at all.
What really strikes a chord (it sounds like a C# Demolished chord to me) is your patronizing air of smug self-satisfaction.
Hope that works out for you.
America is becoming a mafia state, just like Mother Russia.

"Don't nonna you'z worry about no "police brutality" charges (yukkity-yuk). I won't let nonna you'z take a rap". Derp derp.

Yes, let's eliminate all barriers to the abuse of power. And give warm milk, cookies, rewards and incentives to police thugs protecting corporate goons.

I'm with xina.

Here's a little bedtime story* to inspire and comfort those of us who dream of justice:
Ceaușescu and his wife, Elena, fled the capital in a helicopter, but were captured by the armed forces. On 25 December, they were hastily tried and convicted by a special military tribunal (on charges of genocide and sabotage of the Romanian economy) in a roughly one-hour-long show trial. Ceaușescu and his wife were then immediately executed by a firing squad.

*From Wikipedia:…

Personally, I fantasize about less humane treatementā€”I dream of a spectacular halftime show trial for the 2018 Superbowlā€”but we'll have to set an example of judicial restraint for future generations. Yukkity-yuk.

@14. Whats there to be satisfied about? I hate our president, am disgusted by both parties, and immensely annoyed with the "dialogue" that is currently taking place.

It's the childish whining that I'm calling out. The overwrought outrage at everything DT does. It just sounds like petulant children fussing incessantly. It accomplishes nothing and makes people (and the press) look like they have no capacity for fortitude in the face of idiocy.

When people who thrive overcome an obstacle or hardship, they rarely whine about the entire experience while they are overcoming.

Perhaps, if the current occupant of the White House could just stop doing, saying, and tweeting outrageous things on a daily basis, there would be no need for equally outrageous responses. As Shakespeare so keenly observed:

"Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;
Threaten the threatener and outface the brow
Of bragging horror"

- The Life and Death of King John V:i
@5- Less than a quarter of the electorate voted for Trump. About half of the electorate simply did not vote.
@21. Unless someone asks you how you feel about things, no one wants to hear you cry. That's why you have to pay someone for therapy, strangers don't care about your feelings for free.
I saw some cops laugh, but the majority looked uncomfortable and like they were stifling disapproval. And to me most of the laughing sounded like the nervous kind when you can't believe someone is saying something outrageous. The police department's response was strong and unequivocal rejection of Trump's sentiment. Mostly it looked to me like most of the cops present thought Trump is a buffoon.
Read it again; i didn't say you were "satisfied", now did i? Self-satisfied really does mean something else entirely.

You act as though your patronizing, bellicose writing carries any other content than "fuck you losers, i know what's what, and all of you are idiots".
@20 Thank you for offering further proof that the electoral college is truly outdated, and totally fucked for the rest of us who voted wisely for a more qualified presidential candidate than Trumpzilla / Pencezilla, ad nauseum.
@26: Would you be saying the same thing if Hillary had won the electoral but Donald had won the popular?
snicks, can you point to what you consider some actual crying around here, or else stop yer whining?

Nope, it doesn't much matter if decent people are outraged or not. What matters on the ground is whether bad cops take this as license to beat up suspects a little more. Which is what the article said.
@28: I would. It's a weird outdated winner-take-all system (mostly), where the yokels in flyover country get a bigger voice than the people in more populous states, and we should rid ourselves of it. But it doesn't really matter what our opinion is, since it still screwed us with GWB and Trump, and with changing demographics, the GOP will dissolve before they'll let this system be retired.

For my money, this comment is far from the worst thing he's said. Journalists should still absolutely be reporting it, but it doesn't tell us anything we didn't already learn when he was encouraging people to be violent at his campaign rallies last year, assuring them that he'd cover the legal costs if necessary (which we all know he absolutely wouldn't do).
@5 yours is the best analysis of Trump and the present situation I've read. Applies to the whole situation from healthcare to the wall, not just police brutality: half of USA is like this, Trump is just the manifestation of who "we" already are.

More on point than a hundred op-eds in the NYT, Stranger, Guardian, Huffpo trying to dissect why T. won and dissect what ratio of racism, anti-neoliberalism, sexism, luck, lack of info, Russia, Hillary, strategy etc. caused it.

Yes, somewhat less than half of voters voted for him, somewhat more than half for Hilary - but the non-voters certainly heard him plenty in the election and saw who he was - and could have turned out in droves to oppose him if he bothered them. They didn't.
All I ask is that the next trial attorney who gets a juicy police brutality case names Trump as a codefendant, and sues for a billion dollars.
But the orange slime is only condoning violence towards the Bad Guys. Everyone else is safe because they have done nothing wrong and so there is no reason to be afraid. Remember that: only hurt Bad Guys. No further questions.
@28 - Yes, however, that never happens - only republicans, two in a row now, are winning the EC while losing the pop vote. Comparing the two isn't fair until it actually happens and right now.

Isn't it sad that Republicans are inherently losers and can only win by gerrymandering, their own propganda channel, help from another country, and this one weird electoral trick from back when we had slaves who couldn't vote but were 3/5th a person for federal representation reasons. Pretty fucked up huh?

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