I've never been a huge believer in the wage gap metric, since by and large it's the people making 250k+ (which, I'm sure, skews verrrry largely male) that carry the most weight. What's the wage gap for 25th to 75th percentile men vs. women?
How many women in the statistical wage pool are Billionaires? Zero.

How many men In the Statistical wage pool are Billionaires.

How many men in the pool are working as nurses, daycare operators or wait staff? How many women?

There. Now, let's do a real study.
Yet another study that doesn't control for type of job, number of hours worked, and doesn't factor in earnings obtained through marriage or lump sum divorce settlements. The law does not consider spouses' earnings to be separate, so why does this study?

As for the wider gap at higher education levels, the reason is obvious to anyone who actually belongs to this demographic. Of the many people in Seattle who are lucky enough to marry a high earning spouse, retire early, and pursue their dream of being a homemaker, parent, beekeeper, PTA president, etc, women outnumber men by at least 10 to 1.
Jesus, a lot of fucking sexist idiots on this blog. The best comment was @7, which explains why there are so many sexist idiots in this town. String a few ones and zeros together and people think they cured cancer. Sexism is rampant in software, and self righteous attitudes seem to seep out into the blogosphere. Hey, tech dude! Just because you are paid shitloads of money in the current economy for doing something that is currently valuable doesn't mean society is paying everyone what they are worth. If your sorry ass has to get scraped off the street and you are patched together in the E. R., chances are the people who fix you up will be women, and they will be paid way less than you.

I hate to break it to you sorry ass mother fuckers, but the economy isn't fair. Quick question: Would you rather be the best in your class, or be born wealthy. At first glance, you would assume that being top of your class is more important, for future wealth. But studies have shown the opposite. You are better off being born with more money -- but doing worse in school -- then the opposite. Even when you consider that being born wealthy tends to lead to better education -- you are better off being a poorly performing little rich asshole. This is not my opinion, but the results of studies that have looked at the issue.

So with such an unfair result for education being the norm, don't you think it is possible that the same sort of thing happens with regards to sex as well?
@8: So with such an unfair result for education being the norm

More women graduate from high school and college than men.
I find it funny that there are guys like the one at Google, who just got fired, who claim that women are inferior and not capable of doing their jobs and turn around and claim that if the gender wage gap were real then companies would only be hiring women in order to save money. Fact is, the hostility in the workplace towards women and minorities is real. The discrimination against hiring of women and minorities is real.
I really don't think anyone cares anymore. Alternatively, the point may be entirely moot if Kim Jong has his way. Historically speaking, during the Cuban missle crisis Americans were preparing for the worse under a Democratic president. Now with a madman in a rouge country with the same types of armaments, this is the big issue? At least we have a president that publicly won't back down and cower to the insanity, both here or abroad-

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