Ana Sofia Knauf writes: Police have created a barricade around stage in Westlake Park. Unclear why.
Ana Sofia Knauf writes: "Police have created a barricade around 'stage' in Westlake Park. Unclear why." Ana Sofia Knauf

SPD Pepper Sprays and Throws Blast Balls at Anti-Racist Protesters: Yesterday, hundreds of people walked, biked, drove cars, took buses and trains to downtown and protested the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia and the pro-Trump rally at the Westlake Center. They held signs that denounced the KKK and fascism. Seattle Councilmember Mike O'Brien was among them. According to KOMO, the SPD claims some of the counter-protesters were armed and dangerous. They looked like trouble. They "were carrying pieces of wood and other potential weapons." The SPD heard a firecracker explode and responded with pepper spray and blast balls. Three arrests were made. The cops also did everything in their power to keep the these dangerous people away from the "Freedom Rally" organized by a group called Patriot Prayer.

Steven Hsieh and Ana Sofia Knauf report that "roughly three dozen Trump supporters showed up" for this event. They were mostly men; some were members of "groups called the Proud Boys and the Cascade Legion"; and all, it appears, were "unified by their support for President Trump [and the] belief that 'free speech' is under attack.'" One of these men wore a t-shirt that read: “Danger: Cis-gendered white male. How else may I offend you?" No one died at this event.

Spokane TV Station Confirms Washington State University's College Republicans President James Allsup Was At Racist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia: But he claims he was only covering the rally for his YouTube channel. He does admit, however, he was asked to speak at the racist event, and would have done so had it not been disrupted by violence. Allsup says he is not a neo-Nazi but a paleoconservative.

White Man Reported to Lose His Job After Being Spotted At Racist Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia: He worked at a Berkeley Top Dog until Saturday. He lost his job because, according to several accounts, his image was circulated and identified on Twitter as a man participating in the neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Top Dog: “Effective Sat. 12th August, Cole White no longer works at Top Dog.”

Neo-Nazi Website The Daily Stormer Looking For a New Home: After being booted from domain provider GoDaddy for a post that viciously mocked Heather Heyer, who was killed at the anti-racist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. James Alex Fields Jr. "is accused of running his Dodge Challenger into a crowd of people, killing Heyer and injuring at least 19 others."

Black CEO Kenneth C. Frazier Leaves President Trump's Manufacturing Council Because Of: "Trump's failure to condemn white supremacists." And how did Trump respond? Go to his Twitter account and you will find this tweet:

Kenneth C. Frazier is the chief executive of Merck & Co., a giant pharmaceutical corporation.

Neo-Nazis Loving Trump's Response to Their Display of White Power and Act of Terrorism:

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