Gun control! Internet privacy! Climate change! It all hinges on this Democrat, Manka Dhingra.


Thank you, Manka Dhingra and Ana Sofia Knauf! Kick ass, take names, and help us tired of RepubliKKKan obstruction succeed in helping Democrats reclaim the Senate. While we're at it, let's strap Thug Ericksen and Tim Sheldon to a BNSF coal train one-way back to their "constituents"--for the good of all Washington State residents, taxpayers, and voters.
If the State Constitution says taxation must be equal across any particular "class of property", then let's just have a 2% excise tax on non-physical assets not sheltered from Federal taxation (e.g. "retirement accounts"). That is certainly a "class of property".
@2 How about a 35% excise tax on personal trucks and SUVs? That's a particularly obnoxious "class of property"? Your NIMBY-approach to taxation is as stupid as it is biased. Lay off the avocado toast.
Dhingra heard Indian mothers recount how their children's classmates teased them, telling them that they'd be deported under the new president.
Oh for fuck's sake, can we please put a moratorium on using the words of spoiled little brats as some sort of illustration of how the whole culture is going and a basis for policy? Kids are little monsters. My Asian partner experienced the same thing when he was a kid...during, GASP, Democratic administrations. Oh the humanity.

Good luck wiping out the tendency of little kids to be bullies, immature brats, and all around self absorbed mammals with little to offer anyone. My god, this 'maternal' political approach is incredibly insulting to us adults. If you are going to use silly classroom stories as a campaign platform, can we impeach you if you win and kids continue to act like sociopathic monsters?
I'm really confused about this. She won the primary? But will face the same opponent in the general? Why was there a primary election here? I've been reading other sources and I still don't get it... I need a state civics refresh.
@5 Washington has a top two primary system. If there are more than two candidates running for a seat, a primary is held to narrow it down to the top two candidates for the general election. The primary eliminated Parker Harris, a non-partisan candidate who wasn't running a serious race.

The top two system has some upsides and some downsides. In theory, it gives third party candidates like Jon Grant in Seattle or the libertarian running against Patty Kuderer more of an opportunity to run viable campaigns. Unfortunately, it's really vulnerable to vote splitting. The State Treasurer's race last year was three Democrats and two Republicans. The three Dems split the vote, so only the two Republicans advanced. There were more Democratic votes overall, but we still ended up with a Republican State Treasurer.

An approval voting system would fix the vote splitting issue while still allowing for viable third parties, by the way. Approval voting is as easy to use as approval polling—you just answer yes or no for each candidate and the candidate the most people approve of wins—plus it's easy to hand-recount and we wouldn't have to change our ballot designs or counting machines. Win-win-win.
So what?: When the DemonKKKraps had majorities in both chambers plus the governwhore's manSSion, did a state named after a Misogyinst White Racist Black-slave owner turn into Eutopia??? Pah!!!

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