>“Lesbian and bisexual women tend to be more invisible, less often considered when it comes to health interventions. This is a population that isn’t getting the attention it deserves."

I don't understand this - isn't it up to the individuals to get themselves the medical attention/interventions they need? This is written like people aren't knocking on doors asking how people's diabetes is doing or whatever.
A Flat Rate Fare for King County Metro: FINALLY! Maybe. King County Executive Dow Constantine has proposed that riders pay a flat fee of $2.75 on Metro buses instead of having to pay $3.25 if you cross city lines, $2.75 at peak traffic hours, and $2.50 at non-peak. No more penalizing commuters who take the bus.

Yeah, finally wealthy suburban office workers can pay the same to ride a heavily subsidized bus as the nurses aide who rides a few blocks to work. Progress!

Oh, and $2.75 is a great amount to charge cash users. It is always fun to watch a rider put in quarter after quarter, then ask where they put the dollar bills.

They should simply charge cash users $3.00. ORCA card users should get a discount, which should vary per bus. Some buses (that are expensive to run) would charge more, and other buses (that have lots of riders per minute, like the 7) would charge less. Since the discount would only apply to ORCA card users, a lot of people would ignore the discount, or only realize it later (when looking at their account).

Of course Metro doesn't want to do that, because they still haven't figured out how to make ORCA card use ubiquitous (unlike other transit agencies). (Hint: Don't charge so much for the card). So instead we have slow buses with lots of cash users, and a system that is increasingly unfair.

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