The Detective Who Pulled a Gun on a Motorcyclist Had a History of Road Rage Complaints


Who gives a fuck about these past complaints? This is like saying Ted Bundy made a problematic facebook posts. This dude PULLED A GUN ON SOMEONE IN PUBLIC and there's some debate? He didn't look to be on the job to me, he looks like some armed and dangerous thug on the streets of Seattle who isn't accountable to anyone. He should be in jail first, let the judge and DA figure out what happens next.
@2 why? I'd already be dead.
@2 you know... funny story. One of my friends from high sdchool was "a little stressed out" and pulled a gun on someone. Turns out the other person also had a gun, pulled it out and shot my friend to death. He was never charged. So ya. Just a little stressed. More like a fucking maniac.
You should never pull a gun out and point it at someone unless you mean to use it. I admit some people may fault me but if a cop pulled a gun on me; I would do everything in my power to disarm him.

Regardless of fault; threatening someones live is not a joke. It is not something that should be taken lightly.

Lastly; if I have commit-ed a crime then I can understand someone trying to arrest me. But having been arrested before; they never put their hand on their gun. They never threatened my life; they just told me strongly we are taking you in.

If a police officer thinks it's okay to pull a gun as a joke; he shouldn't be a police officer. Because I know for damn sure if I pointed a gun at them; they would shoot me dead.
Fire this asshole.
@2, nope.

I had firearms training in the military, which I'll grant is probably a bit different than the training cops get. Nevertheless, a cop should never, ever walk up to a motorist with their gun pulled without identifying themselves (unless there is clearly imminent danger). His actions put himself and others in greater danger.

If I was on a motorcycle, and stopped somewhere, and some random dude with no uniform walks up to me with a handgun on me, I would assume he is either about to rob me or is some 2nd Amendment fetishist. If he was not in uniform and didn't identify himself, I would assume he was not a cop. I would try to disarm him. I actually have the training to pull it off, probably, if he got within 4' of me (which seems to be the case in the video). There is a fair chance the gun would go off, injuring him, me, or someone else. But if I didn't know he was a cop, I would take that chance, assuming that if I did not, he would kill me outright. Why else would he have a gun pointed at me?

What he did was incredibly stupid and dangerous. He should not be a cop.
What if shepherding people's driving behavior when it gets outside acceptable boundaries could be done by someone who isn't combat trained and armed? What if you could convey the message "don't drive like that, you're going to be fined" in a format other than a life-or-death standoff?

The traffic stop is a cultural artifact, the result of decades of input by ever more paranoid police. We can undo it. In today's world, a traffic stop is a pretext for finding out if the driver is a dangerous wanted felon, which means it could turn into a shootout. But what if dangerous wanted felons could simply be issued a traffic infraction by a disinterested bureaucrat doing their job? Meaning that our traffic workers would not escalate any traffic stop. Just tell you you were speeding and be on their way.

We could take all the potential for violence that surrounds the job of making everyone try to stop for stop signs and keep the speed down by decoupling it from random fishing for other kinds of criminals.

It's an inane strategy for catching bad guys on the lam anyway. Instead of going out and tracking them down, we simply hope murderers and bank robbers are bad drivers. Think about that. It's stupid. Let's agree to not do it anymore.
What if you could convey the message "don't drive like that, you're going to be fined" in a format other than a life-or-death standoff?

You mean like a red light traffic camera?
Clearly a shitty officer. Let him go and get somebody better suited to deal with the public
@2, "You'll thank police like him for being there when you get murdered." No, because based on this clown's actions it is most likely that this cop is going to be the one murdering you.

Pulling a gun before identifying himself as a cop, especially out of uniform is clearly intended to be intimidating and shows a massive lack of judgement. This kind of bullshit is what gets people killed, and could very well have gotten the cop killed if he pulled that on the wrong guy. He's just lucky that the motorcyclist was a calm rational guy and not another jacked up macho dude with some idea that he could "disarm an assailant". It also shows the poor judgement that some cops have when they act outside of their training and think they can "teach this punk a lesson". Even without killing someone this kind of crap winds up blowing cases letting actual criminals walk and costs us a lot of money in settlements.
Fire this guy now before it's too late. It's better for all of us if this guy needs to find a different job rather than someone winding up dead or the county paying out millions in settlements. It will also send a message to any other cops thinking they can pull this shit. It will also leave a position open for someone else to be the cop and do the job right.
A - I would like to think @2 was being sarcastic, but appreciate the box of comments it generated.

B - Part of the problem here, I think, is that the unmarked car this idiot cop was driving had its red-blue lights flashing and the cop assumed, I suspect, that the MC rider knew a cop was trying to pull him over. No excuse - the cop has to realize that MC mirrors might not pick that up, and the helmet makes it impossible to understand commands (like the rider kept telling him). This cop is poorly trained, and not suited to this type of work.
Can't eat donuts, can't pull guns, what's the point of becoming a cop anymore.
Rowe made two mistakes:

1. Pointing a gun at someone for 30 seconds before announcing he was a police officer.
2. Not arresting the reckless driver after he had already conducted a felony stop. You don't pull a weapon when you're going to issue a warning unless you're a bully.
So, what does it take to get fired if you are a cop?
@13: Free lap dances.
@15 The thing is, Rowe wasn't assigned to traffic. He was a detective presumably engaged in some other detail.

Unmarked cars have their uses. Traffic enforcement isn't one of them.