I just read this from the Atlantic:…

I've read not a few articles that the Obama Administration may have overreached with its initiative regarding campus rape policy and Title IX funding.
DeVoid will look like freakin' Mother Goose after Twitler installs a Level 4 child molester to run the nation's Head Start program.

Given some of the things he's said about his own daughter: how "hot" she is, how - if she wasn't his daughter - he'd consider dating her, how great her body is (and all this aside from his own self-proclaimed Artie Ziff-level "grabby, grabby hands"), one has to wonder if we've haven't installed an L-4 in the White House already.
what did everyone expect?
I don't know exactly what her plan is, but this weird extra legal and byzantine process campuses go through when sexual assault accusations are made is in dire need of repair.

Why do campuses handle such things in-house anyway? Why treat this differently than any other crime that happens anywhere else? Let the cops and courts handle it, not some untrained faculty/student council.
@8. The reason the campuses deal with these matters in house is because it's so hard to prove rape in court. An accusation isn't all it takes to get a conviction. So a campus can dole out "justice" in a he said she said situation (From expulsion to a mark on the mans record)which is not anywhere near severe enough for the crime of rape, but makes the victim feel heard and validated.

It's a travesty how many rapes go unprosecuted by our CJ system. The campus model is just a workaround for correcting that.

That said. I agree with everything you wrote.
@9 I would be totally cool with the idea that this was being done in addition to criminal charges, but not in lieu of. The person being accused should have their standing in their schooling in danger, and in the community as well. But, until we fix the criminal justice system and make it safer for victims to come forward, these crimes will continue to be vastly underreported.
I'm not a fan of Devos or Trump but there is some validity to this.

While the vast majority of accusations are accurate there have been some well documented cases where they were fabricated (Brian Banks comes to mind).

Schools shouldn't be investigating any Felony especially one this serious. Its fine to have their own disciplinary process but we shouldn't treat the presumption of innocence as a bug when in fact it's a Feature.
So to be clear we are all okay with the idea that once an accusation has been made for rape (or any crime) that the accused is assumed to be guilty until they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they are innocent?

Campuses deal with all sorts of issues in house. Sexual assault got singled out because they were doing a very bad job. Now MRAs and other anti-woman people are enraged and wave thjs "due process" flag around like somehow colleges are supposed to be the judicial system for this but not for simple assaults, drunk and disorderly, underage drinking, dress code violations, etc...
thank you, 4, 11 and 12, for being thinking people. the left might try considering the points made by the other side before jumping to hysterical outrage. might make you look less ridiculous to the rest of the country. which, yeah, you do. that's why we have trump, actually.
There is a kernel of truth to the concerns over due process (a KERNEL, and only a kernel). Once an accusation has been made the accused is typically given little information about what they should do, let alone be connected to someone that can help them properly navigate the process between the accusation and the conclusion.
For example, what information could the accused provide to demonstrate that the sex was consensual, or evidence demonstrating that they had not had sex with the person in question. Will there be someone like a faculty member who the accused can say "these people were with us that night, they might be witnesses" who will in turn go to those people and get copies of pictures, texts, or anything else that might bolster claims of innocence OR guilt? This would of course include concrete conditions the accused must follow (no attempt to contact the victim, directly or through friends, no discussion of the accusation among friends so as to prevent harassment of the accuser, how classes the accused and accuser might have together should be handled, etc.).
I know that the greater problem is colleges not taking accusations of sexual assault seriously, but this seems like a small thing that could be done to demonstrate that taking sexual assault seriously does not mean stacking the deck against the person accused.

Why should we give a fuck what the rest of the country thinks? They voted for this Nazi-apologizing, race-baiting, pussy-grabbing, Putin dick-sucking, scabrous POS. Oh, right. We're supposed to be embarrassed at looking "ridiculous" to slavering hordes of mouth-breathing closet-case White supremacists.

Yup. I certainly feel some major chagrin coming on...
@17 - Exactly. Fuck the minority of assholes who were given preferential voting treatment by the GOP and installed someone worse than GWB through a constitutional relic of slavery.

You know what fave us Trump? The realization from the nazis that they couldn't compete if it was fair and they didn't have their privilege, so they installed a failed businessman and liar who represents all of their many failures.
The white folks think they're at the top
Ask any proud white male
A million years of evolution
We get Danny Quayle

(I would take Quayle as President right now)
@1: Right, because what could possibly go wrong when you grant people the power to convict others based solely on an accusation?
Totally agree with her. No one should believe an accuser without evidence and jail someone without proof. We have women walking around throwing allegations false rape allegations left and right without any consequence and perpetuating a myth of rape culture. I find it abhorrent.
The statistics on sexual assault on campus are so overblown it is ridiculous. It is like rape during wartime. The real statistics from Bureau of Justice are 7 in 1000 or 6 in 1000;…

That means the rate is even lower in cities that surround campuses that on the actual campus.
But considering that to crazed feminists even looking at a female equates to rape (male gaze), or even farting around female is rape (look up Ashleigh Ingle "fart rape"), or having consensual sex the night before and then changing your mind on the morning (not how consent works!) then of course statistics would be 1 in 4.

I don't think these idiots even know what rape is. So they need a wake up call. No one should be automatically believed because if their sex. Especially without a proper evidence or investiation. That is called discrimination and special privilege.
So all the false rape acusers better check theirs.
Oh yeah, also. Those accused males are victims of they were jailed without evidence which almost always happens and the accuser does not get punished even if she gets caught with a false rape claim or admits it. That's one example of the female privileges for ya, among other ones.
Shorter 22/23 -"All I wanna do is be able to bang chicks when they're drunk so I can finally get some, but they're such bitches they won't put out even then. It's their fault when I'm forced to roofie them. Why do they make me do this when they could just put out whenever I wanted instead? Another example of their power over men!"
Lol 24 and 25. A circlejerk of leftie snowflakes who live in a world of myths and fairy tales, while deluding themselves and ignoring real world statistics, thereby failing to provide counterarguments and doing a 5th grade character assassination attempt. 😂 😂 😂 Always an amusing sight.
@24 and I am a woman, you dumb fuck. 😂 😂 😂
@25. @27 was directed at @25. Lol. Made a mistake because could not type normally through my tears of laughter. 😂
It's possible to respect due process even for people accused of heinous crimes. Doing so does not imply endorsement of the crimes alleged.

@30 It seems little pussy-starved white knight babies like 25 and 24 don't really get the adult speak you are speaking. 😂
Just to add some context to DeVos's speech: it was given at George Mason's Law school, which was recently named after Antonin Scalia. You're allowed to throw up in your mouth after reading that; I live down the street from it, and can't get rid of the lingering taste of vomit.

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